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Vserve eBusiness Solutions is a 400 person eCommerce Outsourcing firm providing low cost eCommerce specialists to help you set up you Big Commerce store, migrate your store from any platform to Big Commerce or help you manage your eCommerce business. We work with some of the largest brands that sell online and help them reduce costs and better maintain all of today's eCommerce best practices. Our services include new product on-boarding, product content optimization, competitive price monitoring, catalog enhancement, SEO and digital marketing, data analytics, customer support, business intelligence, online reputation management and more.


Product Data Management

Vserve Ebusiness Solutions provides cost-effective e-commerce solutions that reduce your effort and increase your revenue. Optimized and enriched product descriptions ensure customers can more easily find your products through the search engines. We offer a “no obligation” free trial, because we are confident that once you experience us, you won’t think of going anywhere else!

Product Catalog Processing- Catalog Content Management

An organized and attractive online catalogue is an important aspect of online sellers. At Vserve, we offer an advanced suite of eCommerce Content Management services that reduces the efforts required to handle catalogs with huge data.We follow a high-end workflow system for catalog processing that ensures output on time. The files/catalogs are received from the customer and imported into the workflow tool. The inputs are easily accessible for the project team using the tool and also ensure high-quality output.

Catalog Building & Indexing

Vserve builds aesthetically appealing catalogues that make online shopping simple and attractive to the end-user. Vserve uses the latest technology and tools to cut manual work, improve productivity and quality.

Catalog Conversion

Product Catalogue Conversion team at Vserve will convert paper catalogues into digital catalogues that will be mapped with the product attributes, high-quality images and SEO enriched content.

Product Catalog Management-Product Classifications

t Vserve, we follow a dedicated workflow system for file movement and reporting that is required for an organized product classification system. The team uses a multi-standard classification system for each product and also can develop the product tree/taxonomy that can simplify the structure for the online store.

Product Taxonomy Development

Our taxonomy developers have worked with all types of product categories and use their expertise to gather, analyze, review and apply the product taxonomy.

Data Migration

We are the experts in eCommerce data migration services letting you transfer your current online store to all other platforms. With many years of experience in this industry, we ensure 100% quality with absolutely no data loss.

Duplicate Identification

Product matching is an authentic way to optimize the product data of your estore and effectively calculate the process. With relevant experience in the industry, we are the ones to help you in identifying your product data to de-duplicate your master product list.

Data Enrichment

Vserve team will analyze the product data for inconsistencies, spelling errors and duplicate entries. Missing information is added from the manufacturer’s site or the paper catalogues. Content from the manufacturer’s/supplier’s can be rephrased, enriched with keywords for SEO and made unique from the competitors. With the data enrichment services from Vserve, you can reduce your manual efforts required to cleanse the product data and get a high-quality catalogue output from us.

Data Cleansing

At Vserve, we have a highly-skilled project team who process data cleansing in well-organized workflow systems. Along with the automated processes, manual data entry effort is done. Our experts rewrite the product data wherever required to increase data efficiency.

Product Data Entry Solutions-Magento Product Upload

Selling your products through an ecommerce store entails product data entry in single as well as bulk. Our team of data entry specialists saves you time and energy by acting as your personal database administrators and ecommerce product management. Your store performance gets a new look and feel with our services. Our services include uploading, modifying and updating of all kinds of data that need to be keyed in on a customized e-commerce data entry platform.

OpenCart Data Entry

Want To Give Your eStore A Complete Makeover? Vserve, with its experience in the eCommerce industry, delivers customized and optimized solutions for OpenCart product upload. Being the nerve centre of your eCommerce website, your product page conveys important details, images and information about your products to your customers, grow your reputation and improve your competitive edge.


Shopify, The Ecommerce Tool! Shopify takes complete control over your website’s design. It has more than 100 templates and also we can create custom-designed themes for your store.

Zen-Cart Product Entry

We Always Deliver More Than Expected At Vserve, we work together as a team to build a cohesive organization Zen Cart is a well known online store management system that has set its own standard in the E Commerce. Zen Cart is called as PHP base and uses MySQL database that is coupled with the HTML components.

BigCommerce Product Entry

Vserve Can Help You to Get the Products Entered into Your Online BigCommerce Store! Big e-commerce is one of the most reliable online open source e-commerce platforms. Our experts have boundless knowledge and experience with uploading products on Big Commerce. Every online store has a wide range of products and an equally different set of requirements. Our Big Commerce experts are proficient at adding and updating products to your catalogue with all the required product information and details, including all categories and sub-categories; we also incorporate clear-cut images and manage product reviews and ratings to help hold your online business.

Yahoo Store Data Entry

We specialize in Yahoo Store Entry and the related functions through open source tools. Starting from product data entry till catalog management, we manage all tasks efficiently to save you time and costs – and this is precisely what we call the Vserve Ebusiness Solutions Edge

Product Content Writing-Brand Description Writing

Rely On Us, We Will Build Your Brand! In today’s competitive day and age, brand building is of paramount significance. It is the first and foremost step that any business enterprise needs to attend to and accomplish. It is the starting point in the journey towards establishing a business setup.

Category Description Writing

Category Descriptions that Cater to Multiple Needs Vserve has a team of highly equipped, diligent and efficient writers to give you keyword-rich, SEO friendly category descriptions. Category description writing requires extensive research and study of the product categories and market trends. We take special care to stress the uniqueness of each category and how it might suit niche types of customers

Product Description writing

Vserve has a team of content writers who are well versed in various styles of product description writing. We offer rich product description writing that are creative and SEO friendly. We ensure that your online site will never get affected because of duplicate content.

E commerce Digital Asset-Image conversion & Improvement

Our specialists bring life and meaning to your images. We use a variety of tools and formats to give great results for our clients. Our best in class service delights our customers, as we exceed their expectations by creating a positive reputation in the industry.

Image Editing

Do You Have A Distorted Picture? Then We Are Ones To Help! Vserve image editing experts collect the pictures from customer websites and normalize the images as per client needs. We can also alter the sizes and send them to you so that you can upload your new product image in a second. Image editing encompasses the process of altering images, whether they are digital or traditional photographs, or illustrations.

EStore Developemnt - eMarketplace Solutions

When the product range is higher, it becomes difficult to manage the products in an online store. With our end-to-end e-commerce solutions, managing products on a marketplace is simpler and time-saving. The boom in the online shopping space has made professional sellers create online storefronts in the major marketplaces.

Store Integration

We Excel At What We Do – It’s Not An Act But A Habit! Vserve will offer you with the most creative solutions that also comes up with the feature rich, enhanced output. The shopping cart integration service will depend on your online store business and our team of experts takes the initiative of developing your shopping cart depending on client’s specifications.

Online Store Development

We Build Your Online Store Just The Way You Want! From selling the products to its subscription, we design everything that you need. Our team will be responsible for building an extraordinary eCommerce website that can turn out to be the reason for your business’s success.

Customer Support- Chat support

We can help you focus on the various aspects of your business that you find important while we focus on the chat support services that you can provide to your customers. It has been a while since it was considered normal that customers are going to wait for a long time before they get any response from the company that they contact.

Email Support

Email SupportWe at Vserve has been providing professional services for different types of business in varying industries. Our experience in providing Email services makes us the best choice in providing support services that can ultimately allow your company to experience an increase in sales and customer satisfaction which can eventually lead to customer loyalty.

Call Center Services

It’s been years; we are offering reliable call center services to clients from different industries including telecom, automotive, real estate, education, medical &healthcare, media & entertainment, travel, and logistics. We have a dedicated team of experienced agents and engineers, who are trained & certified for delivering satisfactory support services to the customers.

Data Management

At Vserve, we know that database management for business effectiveness is a struggle in itself. With the existing volume of data and the continuous addition of new data regularly, simple operations such as storing or retrieval of this data has just got strenuous.

Data Conversion

Having Vserve by your side you only stand to gain. Our structured process and our top of the line conversion technology provides you with the top quality results you desire. Why do we do what we do? Simply because we see ourselves as a data conversion company that answers to companies that seek a solution to be more agile, creating speed and flexibility while reducing expense

Data Processing

At Vserve, we offer affordable solutions for eStore catalogue management that enable cost benefits to e-Commerce businesses

Data Entry

Vserve Ebusiness Solutions offers you high-quality data entry outsourcing services which are time-bound and cost-effective. Our use of the latest technology helps us to enter accurate data from scanned images / physical documents and provide you with the best e-commerce data entry services in the outsourcing industry.

Document Management

Vserve began its document management services after fully understanding how a huge percentage of organizations were struggling with huge volumes of information made available to them in unstructured formats. So Vserve went on to provide a document management solution that saw to the conversion of paper documents in to a digitalized form that allowed for proper storage, deployment and retrieval.

Data Intelligence

At Vserve, we offer e-commerce business intelligence that helps in making better decisions and maximizing profits of online stores and marketplaces. Our solutions are well-structured and customizable according to the requirements.

E-Commerce MAP Monitoring

We the Vserve members are domain expertise to help you monitor MAP. Vserve groups maintaining a dedicated workflow serve you the best.

Competitor Price Analysis

With Vserve performing your price comparison services, keeping track of the increasing number of products or frequent price fluctuations in the market are a problem of the past. Your time is managed effectively as we provide you with the final result on a daily basis.

Competitor Cross Reference

At Vserve, we analyze and cross-reference your products with competitor sites and give a detailed audit report with recommendations to add/modify content on your site.

Digital Marketing

We work closely with you to understand your unique businesses challenges & objectives.


Let’s Improve Your Site’s Rankings With Our Extraordinary Service! Our Strength: Build your social community Increase your return on investment Analyse customer responses We deploy strategies, tactics to improve marketing reputation and communications.

Logo Creation

At Vserve, we create amazing logos with unique designs to suit your company demands and needs. We provide specialized logo designing services to improve your brand and customer base.

Article Writing

At Vserve, we provide Originality, Commitment to quality, Expertise in using the right set of keywords and phrases for SEO purposes.


Let’s Improve Your Site’s Rankings With Our Extraordinary Service! Our professionals are well-trained in developing SEO strategies and mapping the tactics into a successful plan to improve your online visibility. At Vserve, we are constantly improvising our SEO services to serve our potential clients with better services. With the increasing number of competitors in the industry and their online presence makes it very difficult for a site to get a higher ranking without proper SEO.

Website content writing

At Vserve, we have a dedicated team of website content writers who write search engine optimized contents for all types of websites. We ensure that our crisp and clear web pages will not only improve your rankings but will also create a niche for your products and services in the online market.

Product Manuals Designing

At Vserve, we create professional product manuals with unique designs to suit your company demands and needs. We provide specialized designing services to improve your brand and customer base.

Blog Writing

At Vserve Ebusiness Solutions, we are here to deliver blogs that not only attract the attention of customers but also justify as to why they should peruse your blogs regularly.

Banner Designing

At Vserve, we create professional banners with unique designs to suit your company demands and needs. We provide specialized banner designing services to improve your brand and customer base.

SEO Copy Writing

At Vserve, we have experienced and skilled SEO professionals who can grow improve your online visibility and increase your return on investments (ROI). We ensure that we convert those valuable clicks into leads and revenues. Our professionals are well-trained in developing SEO strategies and mapping the tactics into a successful plan to improve your online visibility.

Press Releases

Our experts excel in press release writing and make the best use of their content and copy writing skills, experience and expertise to bring forth the pivotal features of your brand straightaway without beating around the bush.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Non-profit
• Sports & Equipment
• Toys & Games



Vserve eBusiness Solutions Overview

If your eCommerce team is struggling to keep up with all of today's best practices, you should consider augmenting your team with low cost technology workers.

Product Content Enhancement for Manufacturers and Distributors

Are you a manufacturer of products that get sold online through distribution partners and looking to find an edge so you can sell more? Most manufacturers don’t invest the time and energy to write their product descriptions in a way that’s best for their sellers. But having product titles, meta descriptions and meta tags optimized for your sellers and their customers will save them a lot of time and money and give them incentive to buy more from you. However, this can be a very labor intensive process, especially if you have a large product selection, and also happens to require the right knowledge and skills. Why not consider outsourcing this work to offshore experts that specialize in online product content enhancement? We are VServe eBusiness Solutions, global leaders in product content enhancement.

Competitive Pricing Monitoring for eCommerce

If you sell online, you know how easy it is for customers to shop around for the best prices on the products you sell. Staying on top of your competitors to ensure you’re priced right at all times can be a daunting task - especially if you sell thousands of different products. Why not consider outsourcing this work to offshore experts that specialize in competitive price monitoring? We are VServe eBusiness Solutions, global leaders in product cross referencing, price monitoring and eCommerce Management.

Product Content Enhancement for eCommerce

If you sell online, you understand that making your products show up on the first page of Google is one of the biggest challenges in eCommerce. One of the best ways to affect organic search on Google is to have well written product titles, meta descriptions and meta tags and with the right key words. However, this can be a very labor intensive process, especially if you have a thousands of products, and requires the right knowledge and skills. Why not consider outsourcing this work to offshore experts that specializes in online product content enhancement? We are VServe eBusiness Solutions, global leaders in product content enhancement and optimization.

VServe Product Cross Referencing and RFQ Services

VServe eBusiness Solutions can be a great low cost resource for helping you prepare RFQs. Call us today at 888-428-9997 to learn more or email us at ...

VServe eBusiness Solutions Customer Support

VServe eBusiness Solutions Customer Support services utilizing phone, email and chat to support your customers.


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