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We are based in the heartland of the United States: in Kansas City. Our mission is to help merchants succeed in their endeavors. This takes on many different perspectives: 1) Website maintenance and troubleshooting (with fast response times for critical issues). 2) Feature development and 3) Website platform migration, DONE RIGHT. Having built many websites, we bring much expertise to the table—to help you be successful.


Website migration

Migration done right.

You see, there are a truck-ton of people who can build websites. The difference is those who have the experience to build a website that works.

Yes, we can build you a website. But, a new website, even on the great BigCommerce platform, is not guaranteed to turn our slumping sales around.

I investigate and troubleshoot your website through the eyes of your customers. Through this knowledge gained, I then build a plan for how to get your website on the right track. Our team then delivers. Yet, it's not done then. The launch is just the beginning point. It is the start to a new experience. But it must be refined and tweaked to ensure that it is perfect for your visitors (after all, you've probably spent the last years doing that to your current website?).

We work with merchants all over the world. But, we do have a fondness for working with those close to home (the Kansas City area).

Search-engine optimization

Yes, you have probably heard it over and over again: "pay us monthly and we will get your website to the #1 place on Google". Except... that month after month goes by and it's "one more thing and then you'll be at the #1 place." And it never happens.

I don't claim that. Our approach is different. Instead of trying to do as little as possible every month for the flat fee, we agree on a set number of hours a month. This is time spent on your website.

We track progress and share this information with you—you are never left in the dark wondering about the progress your website is making.

Verticals Serviced
• B2B
• Home/Garden
• Sports/Outdoors
• Wholesale/Manufacturing



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