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We deliver excellent eCommerce experiences—and have been doing so since 2012. Our number one core value is "hospitality". This affects every interaction, every day, from start to finish. In other words, we see ourselves as knowledgeable consultants to help you achieve success. We are ready to support you through your eCommerce journey. Whether you are looking to migrate to BigCommerce or need ongoing support, SwiftOtter can help. We differentiate ourselves, in part, through our best-in-industry experience on the Adobe Commerce platform. We have the knowledge necessary to properly dissect your existing Magento 2 environment into actionable requirements.


BigCommerce Migration and Support

Migration done right.

SwiftOtter can migrate and establish you on BigCommerce. We set our customers up for success through careful discovery, quality implementation, and tailored ongoing support processes.

In fact, we offer even more value if you are on Adobe Commerce—and looking to move. As one of the best-in-class service providers for Magento 2, SwiftOtter knows what it takes to identify the complete list of requirements. A poorly done discovery leads to missed functionality, which involves cost and timeline surprises.

We have built a guidebook for this process: the Adobe Commerce to BigCommerce Migration Quickstart.

Grow your eCommerce website

SwiftOtter is highly experience with growing B2B eCommerce websites. In fact, our Business Analyst, Jon Guess, started in the merchant space, building a B2B eCommerce website from $0 to a critical, multi-million dollar segment of the company. Because we've been on both sides of the fence, we lean into our hospitality, treating you as we ourselves want to be treated.

We recently summarized a portion of our knowledge into a free 66-page ebook called "The SwiftOtter B2B eCommerce Manifesto". You can download it on our website.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Construction & Industrial
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Gifts & Collectibles
• Health & Wellness
• Sports & Equipment
• Tactical & Firearms



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