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WebDevStudios is a website design and development agency that creates quality-driven, user-friendly experiences for startups to large enterprise projects. We are a full-service WordPress shop, providing end-to-end opportunities. WebDevStudios is run by pioneers of the website design and development industry, Brad Williams and Lisa Sabin-Wilson. Since its establishment in 2008, the company has expanded to a highly skilled group of designers, developers, and project managers that are dedicated to delivering amazing results for clients. The WebDevStudios team of developers and designers are considered leading experts on WordPress, speaking at WordCamps and featured on podcasts. WebDevStudios builds great things with great clients. We invite you to be one of them.


Consulting & Discovery

Don’t make your plans in the dark! Use our expertise to light the way and make the best choices for your website. Our entire process revolves entirely around your needs and business requirements. We excel at translating your ideas and needs into action and deliver creative solutions that meet, or exceed, your goals. The biggest factor in the success of a custom development effort is a clear understanding of the project, shared between our team and our client. We take a collaborative approach here and work with you, as a team, to determine the best approach to deliver a great product, while working with you to avoid communication problems and agree on issues that can impact cost and timeline. We have a defined a process within our project life cycle to ensure this shared understanding. We call this process: Discovery.

Custom Design

Custom design services aren’t something we do for you, but something we do together. We do more than create a look. We connect with you and help you next-level your brand. Let’s create a digital footprint for your company that converts. Our WordPress themes are responsive, which means they will automatically adapt to mobile devices like iPhones and iPads. Having the right blueprint is imperative to success. WDS leads the way by using WordPress to architect and build cutting edge web and mobile experiences. We do more than create a look. We connect with you and help you next-level your brand.

Custom Development

Lose the cookie cutter! We take an innovative approach to make your site fast, secure, and reliable every step of the way. From custom plugins to API integrations, we have you covered! We code the right way. We believe in best practice coding, which means that we make sure that everything we build takes extensibility in mind. We want to make sure that your site stays functional and beautiful, no matter what future growth it goes through! Taking a best practice approach lays a solid foundation for future upgrades, tweaks, and development, whether or not we’re the ones handling it. We adhere to high standards and best practices. Our key to doing development well is to stick with a set of standards that ensures our work is well designed and implemented. A set of standards that many people can agree upon are typically referred to as best practices. By adopting best practices as our development standard, we ensure every site is structured well, optimized, safe and performant. We pay high attention to the details that matter.

Performance & Security

Performance and security should be more than an afterthought. Don’t wait until something goes wrong. Our team of engineers makes sure that your site is performant, safe, and secure from the start. Let us find and fix your vulnerabilities. We perform security and code audits to make sure that the foundation of your site is not putting your company at risk. We'll make sure your code is safe, secure, and keeps site and information access exclusive to you and your administrative team. And at your request, we can even make sure that it is GDPR compliant. You are not fully secure until you have a way to recover from disasters. We partner with hosting companies who take daily, weekly, and monthly backups of your website code and data, so that in the event that your site has been compromised, we can recover and restore it immediately. After your site is live on production, WebDevStudios digs deep and completes the work necessary to ensure the finished product remains secure. We'll scan all of your plugins and themes to help identify and prevent ongoing security vulnerabilities. Even the most secure sites can still be compromised. If that happens, we'll be there every step of the way to help turn back time and restore your website and data.

Content Migrations

Moving to WordPress? If you’re finally ready to take the leap and discover the wonders of WordPress firsthand, WebDevStudios can help you move from your current system into a brand new, beautiful WordPress site. As long as you have the data, we can do the work! Whether your content is in a database (MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle–you name it!), a web based system (via an API), or an exported file, we can import it all into WordPress. The first step we take toward completing your data migration is identifying your data source. Even if you have a super complex database schema, WebDevStudios can work it out. After we identify your data source(s) and have an understanding of how your data is structured, our next step is building a data mapping guide. This guide will help you see what goes where before we move it! By approaching data migration with a WebDevStudios migration script tailored specifically to your needs, we streamline the process for migrating your data into WordPress. Once the migration script is finalized, we perform a mock migration that allows you to see everything start to come together. A quality assurance phase begins shortly after so all parties can verify that all of the data was imported successfully.

Support & Maintenance

Your website is kind of a big deal. So protecting your WordPress investment is a no brainer. Our mission is to support your mission on a monthly basis. We do that by through 24/7 security monitoring and cleanup provided by Sucuri. We also schedule secure offsite backups to keep your website content and source code safe. Our maintenance and support team at Maintainn will help restore your website in the event of a disaster. You’ll never have to worry about your WordPress website again.

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