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Because we believe that the future lies in cloud e-commerce, one of our primary platforms is BigCommerce. What do we do: - Store setup - UI/UX prototypes and design - Theme customization - Custom app development - 3rd-party services integrations - Performance optimization - Platform migration Today E-commerce is complex – operations, logistics, and marketing automation are more sophisticated and specialized with each passing day. We will help you to choose the proper tools in order to develop a stable, predictable operations framework for your online business.


BigCommerce Development

To bring your brand or company on the next level, you have to make ecommerce and the related data your best buddies. Using such a highly customizable platform as BigCommerce can be a challenge sometimes, and that's where Ephyros can definitely help your business to scale up, using our knowledge and experience in BigCommerce development.

BigCommerce UX/UI Design

The way your clients interact with the various elements on your ecommerce store is being driven by certain patterns which make the process of an actual purchase decision and the whole customer journey as satisfying and exciting, and our UX/UI Design team can make it happen.

BigCommerce Migration

Whether your online store scales up or you just want to migrate to a more appropriate and flexible platform - all of your important data including products, clients and orders will be transferred to your new store, with no downtime and no data loss.

Bigcommerce Store Setup

As your company grows, you will need to react to these changes, and BigCommerce is a perfect platform to setup for your store when it's getting bigger! Ephyros will be glad to assist you with creating a BigCommerce account, add users, configure the store settings, arrange product categories, set up your payment methods and much more!

BigCommerce App Development

Building an app for BigCommerce marketplace usually allows our clients top open more possibilities for their store's services and products, as well as have a huge opportunity to add a new channel to your revenue gaining. We believe your business deserves this chance too!

BigCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization

Conversion Rate Optimization is an ideal way how you may boost your selling ratio, and Ephyros will help with the key enhancement and drive your store in the right direction, so you would get more sales in a long run.

BigCommerce Performance Optimization

With our BigCommerce Performance Optimization service you will be able to get fixed even the tiny glitches which used to increase the overall bounce rate, caused slow page loads, non-responsive cached site pages and lots of other critical issues. These days it's more than important!

BigCommerce Theme Customization

A well chosen BigCommerce theme can let you to build a strong image for your brand, while a customized BigCommerce theme is an even better way to show your clients that you are really taking care about making your store a cozy, convenient and exciting experience for them. Ephyros will help you to customize a BigCommerce theme with no limits to that!

BigCommerce API Integration

To build the API integration with BigCommerce can be a tough task for the majority of business owners and usually takes them minimum from one to three months of time and efforts to proceed with because the learning and researching process takes that time unless you deal with API integration on a daily basis. Why not to save your time and let Ephyros team to take care of this task for you?!

Verticals Serviced
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment




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