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AOC is an IT-oriented services firm that specializes in e-commerce solutions like web development and design, marketplace listing, and digital marketing. We also give effective feedback to our clients about their projects, account, and business in general. We’ve founded AOC to meet the growing demand for affordable e-commerce solutions. Our straightforward pricing allows us to bill our clients on an hourly basis. That’s why we’ve partnered with BigCommerce – a revolutionary e-commerce platform – equipping us with the right knowledge and technologies to effectively cater to our client’s needs without charging them with exorbitant rates. Our offshore team in the Philippines is dynamic, fun, and one of the best you’ll ever work with. There’s no dull moment with us!


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Our services include web design, web and content development, product data management, marketplace listing, digital marketing, and search engine optimization. We also provide web maintenance. We at AOC do things the smarter way. By focusing on what we do best, we are able to provide quality e-commerce service to our clients without breaking the bank. Our services include the following: Web design Web development Content development Product data management Marketplace listing Search Engine Optimization Email Marketing To create meaningful websites for our clients, we employ leading e-commerce platforms like BigCommerce and utilize its powerful tools and technologies. For our marketplace listings, we’ve partnered with Amazon, eBay, and Walmart—some of the web’s biggest retailers—to reach people effectively in the most remote sectors. Topping it off is our digital marketing service to help you establish your brand.

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