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We consult exclusively with North American firearms, hunting, and sporting goods companies. If you sell knives, martial skills, are LEO or Military affiliated or sell anything that Facebook and Google wont let you advertise or talk about, we are on your side. Telos Alpha deals with the problems you deal with daily, and can guide you on how to solve them. We measure success in bottom line dollars and cents. Metrics and analytics are fine, but results are what pay. We network with other companies, agencies, firearms businesses and consultants to stay cutting edge and be one step ahead. We strive for long-term relationships. We partner with our clients to take on risk and share rewards.



We have years of experience wit the BigCommerce platform. Not just building on it, but migrating to it from other platforms. Growing can be tricky, and understanding how to move off legacy systems can be a real challenge. We have dozens of migrations and bespoke builds under our belt.


The First Rule: Make It Easy For People To Give You Their Money Our relationship with Global Payments allows us to offer what other companies deem “high risk” merchant services without the increases costs. We understand that as a firearms business, you are statistically MORE reliable than the average business, having gone through background checks and scrutiny other businesses don’t have to. We don’t impose transaction limits, and our rates are competitive with no high risk offerings. We won’t change our mind in 6 months due to a shareholder having a bad reaction to firearms. Let us take merchant processing off your list of things you have to worry about.


Second Rule: Make It Easy For People To Purchase Your Stuff Cart systems have been refined over and over again through the years. The process for checkout online (the sales funnel) has been studied by people with Doctorate level training. Brain chemistry, colors, speed, texture, everything has been measured and quantified. BigCommerce remains cutting edge and is dedicated to staying cutting edge. Constant innovation on their E-Commerce platform has made them one of the largest in the world. From the firearms perspective, they are a privately held company, and have a long long list of firearms retailers on the platform. They are willing to alter their End User Agreements to declare, in black and white, they will not restrict or otherwise remove vendors from the sysytem due to them selling firearms. Period. For smaller businesses, we recommend WooCommerce on WordPress. WooCommerce is a strong, secure E-Commerce platform with a low up front cost and easy to use interface. Its strong feature set make the premiere cart sysytem for WordPress. Don’t be a part of the next Shopify meltdown. Let Telos Alpha build you a secure, stable and long term cart system you can focus on growing your business.


Third Rule: Make It Easy To Manage Social Media & Your Online Presence The average small to medium sized business owner spends 300 hours a year on Social Media, Reputation Management and creating and maintaining online directory listings. We offer a series of smart dashboards, where you can integrate all your social media feeds. Work with Facebook, Instagram, Twitter even LinkedIn, from one place. Monitor and respond directly to reviews and stop dreaded “one star” campaigns in their tracks. Respond to comments and messages across all platforms from one area, and maintain you directory listing s on Bing, Google and many other directories you probably never knew existed. All from one place.


Fourth Rule: Don't Make Small Time Mistakes That Cause Big Time Trouble Over and over again we have seen firearms companies with great ideas, tons of drive and fantastic work ethics. Let’s face it, people that get into this industry have a passion that drives them. We also regularly see these businesses struggling with basic business processes. Inventory management, accounting automation, and appropriately charging and remitting taxes are just a few. We can guide your firearms business on how to manage and automate core processes so you stay legal, profitable and competitive while you focus on your core competency.

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