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CedCommerce, the official design and solution partner of Bigcommerce, offers an array of e-commerce services which help aspiring merchants to establish their online existense to scale and diversify their ecommerce business. Hence, sell more, grow faster and maximize traffic and revenue. Merchants can hire CedCommerce for Bigcommerce store setup, development and customization; API integration to sell on leading marketplaces; theme customization; SEO and Digital Marketing; Dropshipping and consultation. Moreover, Our mantra of success is impeccable and empathetic customer support with great response time. CedCommerce has become the trusted name in the ecommerce community having been declared the winner of Deloitte's Technology Fast 50 India for 4 years in a row and Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 APAC for 2 consecutive years.


Store setup, development and customization:

CedCommerce adopts agile development process, so you can witness your idea manifest into reality at every stage. The Customer Success Manager always remains in your touch through multiple touch points such as live chat, phone, email & Skype, and absorbs your ideas to realize the vision. Our Bigcommerce store developers provide easy to navigate, highly optimized for speed and functionality rich store that maximizes the conversion rates. We offer a high degree of security with Level 1 PCI compliance, SSL certificate, and data backup to prevent any data breaches and theft.

Theme Design and Customization:

Customer experience is the king. If you can offer a seamless shopping experience, with a quality product and excellent after sales service, you’ve won a customer for life. We understand that. Our designers creates responsive and easy to navigate themes with high visual impact, intuitive and engaging interface, and takes into consideration the sales funnel utility to make buying a product or generating leads a hassle free operation. Anything extra is just a distraction for customers, therefore, theme design philosophy follows a highly optimized and redundant customer purchase journey. Moreover, our designers also customizes the existing Bigcommerce themes such as stencil, Reva and Sneak and more.

Multi-channel API integrations:

Diversifying sales channel minimizes potential business risks, as they say don’t put all the eggs into a single basket. CedCommerce offers excellent and affordable multichannel inventory and order management apps and connects your Bigcommerce store with the leading ecommerce marketplaces where your potential audiences are already present. Sell on leading marketplaces like Walmart, Jet, Wish, Tophatter, Newegg, and more. Not only it connects your Bigcommerce store with leading ecommerce marketplaces, it makes your Bigcommerce store the central hub to control and monitor all the online sales related activities. Furthermore, the multichannel Inventory and order management apps help you to move your entire/select product catalogs in one-go at the marketplace. Also, it automatically accepts orders on your behalf. Any changes - item information edits, order and inventory status change, new order acknowledgment - are done in real-time so as to maintain consistency across all the platforms and eliminate any pseudo losses.

Digital Marketing & SEO:

Mere existence won’t serve your purpose. To sell your products, you need to be heard with a message that makes your potential customers listen, respond and engage. This develops trust. We understand that. Being an official Google Partner, our marketing experts specializes in Google Ads, Search Marketing, Shopping, and Pay-Per-Click. Our professional digital marketing team implement, optimize, and manage PPC, SEO, Content, and Search Engine Marketing and prepare a strategic roadmap to target customers at the right places and at the right times.

Dropshipping Solution:

Millions of people are making dropshipping business their side hustle while pursuing their traditional career path and if done right, it has paid enormous dividends to the stakeholders. We at CedCommerce offer dropshipping solution that enables aspiring sellers to get connected with the best suppliers at the largest ecommerce marketplaces such as Aliexpress, Amazon and eBay. The app enables sellers to move product data, accept orders, share customers’ shipment information to supplier in single click of a button.


Opening an online store is easier than a traditional retail store as a barrier to entry here is lower as an online store requires far less investment to operate. However, the success ratio is also very less. Not any tom dick and harry can open an online store and get success. It requires calibrated efforts in the right direction with the right set of information, strategy & execution. We at CedCommerce assist you to realize your dream come true. From choosing the right design/theme for your store to its architecture, and from suggesting potential sales channels to the strategies to reach the right set of people and sell to them, we do all that can make your ecommerce venture a success. Your ecommerce success is just a consulting-session away.


Before signing up for any services and application first and foremost thing which is considered by the client is related to support. There are few questions which generally considered while signing up:- 1)Are they available 24/7 to assist me? 2)Are they capable enough to resolve my query? 3)Are there any charges for extra support? When it comes to supporting then CedCommerce will stand at the top. They have knowledgeable support as well as the team which is 24/7 available to assist the seller in the best possible manner. There are no extra charges involved in this. Feel free to contact CedCommerce at any time through Skype (live:support_35785), chat as well as on support ticket.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• B2B
• Education/Publishing
• Electronics
• Fashion/Jewelry
• Food/Beverage
• Health/Beauty
• Home/Garden
• Non-profit
• Sports/Outdoors
• Toys/Games
• Wholesale/Manufacturing


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