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We build BigCommerce stores that help you sell more than you ever imagined. After 25 years launching businesses online, we know how to create eCommerce experiences that open wallets and get people talking. Every. Time. We have the experience to steer you past the traps that suck up your time and money and the obsession to make sure everything you need is as awesome as it can be. From platform migrations to new eCommerce installations, our proven process for limitless eCommerce gets you revenue in the door, faster. Smarter.


eCommerce Strategy and Consulting

We work with eCommerce and marketing teams to develop a clear road map for the website redesign; define essential components, functionality, overall structure and visual direction; plus establish priorities for implementation. • Business and project goals • Buyer personas • Sales and buying processes/user flows • Current challenges • Search engine optimization goals • Target audiences and customers • Top competitors • Products and content • 3rd party integrations • Website features and functionality

UX/UI and Design

Usability, user interface and user experience design is crucial to the success of your online store. Providing an exceptional ecommerce customer experience is just as important if not more so than your product and price. Smart Solutions will ensure your website meets the needs of its target audience members, showcases the products and services you offer, tells customers why you are the best choice, and develop a user flow that accommodates your customers throughout their online buying journey so it is easy to find products and buy.

Website Development

Our developers have an average of 15 years web development experience. We know what is "under the hood" matters. Our expertise in software development ensures your sites operates well, is easy to maintain, loads quickly, and is optimized for use across all devices. Based on documented requirements identified during discovery and design, Smart Solutions will integrate your customized theme, develop and configure your website, recommend and install appropriate apps and integrate any 3rd party software necessary to meet expected functionality. Smart Solutions will develop a scalable website foundation to support growth.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are one of the most valuable marketing channels there is. Internet-savvy buyers spend time researching products online before making a purchase or engagement decision. Every retailer that operates online needs search engine optimization (SEO). Smart Solutions will help you put an ongoing SEO plan in place that will increase your rankings and visibility on search engines. Smart Solutions takes a holistic approach to search engine optimization. We focus on the user experience, content and a website’s technical optimization. Because of our development expertise, we know exactly how to identify and resolve technical issues that keep your site from reaching its full potential.

Analytics and Digital Marketing

Marketing is essential for generating awareness, attracting leads, converting high-value customers and maintaining customer relationships. Smart Solutions realizes every business is different. We will implement a tailored digital marketing plan to boost website visibility and attract high-value customers. We help you research, acquire information about consumer behaviors and gain the insights necessary to make smart marketing decisions based on data. Services include PPC, social advertising and retargeting, and Analytics. Actionable, data-driven insights allow businesses to make smart marketing decisions that develop campaigns that really work.

Verticals Serviced
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Sports & Equipment
• Tactical & Firearms
• Vape & CBD



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