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For the last 20 years, Jamersan has helped companies do more with their eCommerce store. Helmed by the eCommerce Aholic, TJ Gamble, our team has been instrumental in launching countless successful storefronts. With experience in: development, design, UX, search data, fitment data and more, we excel at helping our clients think through what the best options really are for them infra-structurally and then executing that plan.


BigCommerce Development

As the eCommerce landscape evolves, so do we. Because eCommerce platforms aren’t one-size-fits all we began working with BigCommerce in 2018 and we haven’t looked back since. Whether you’re looking to build a new BigCommerce website or you’re looking to transition over, we’ve go you covered.

Platform Migrations

A merchant’s needs from an eCommerce platform will undoubtedly change over time. It is not uncommon to outgrow or require different characteristics from a platform as a business evolves. Jamersan can help evaluate your needs and guide you through a migration or conversion to BigCommerce.

Platform Optimization

If your chosen implementation partner isn’t getting the job done to your satisfaction, Jamersan can help. Regardless of why your eCommerce project is not going well, we have the experience and technical expertise to help get your project back on track and make sure your ecommerce platform is optimized for your ecommerce program.

Ongoing Support

eCommerce platforms are complex systems. They require care and attention. Jamersan’s support agreements ensure that you have someone on your team with the technical know-how to keep your store running smoothly and deal with the issues that will inevitably crop up.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• B2B
• Food/Beverage
• Home/Garden
• Toys/Games
• Wholesale/Manufacturing



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