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Metric Digital is a modern performance marketing agency that specializes in ecommerce. We're obsessed with driving high ROI growth for our clients. We use Paid Search, Paid Social, Email Marketing and SEO to drive revenue and accomplish measurable goals for brands of all sizes. What makes us unique? Our clients are brands of all sizes who dominated the IAB 250. Our company since its founding in 2013 has had 0% client team attrition. Our firm has helped companies drive sustainable growth that helped fuel their acquisition, IPO, or next funding round, such as Canada Goose (IPO), Bonobos (Acquired), (Series C).


Paid Search

Paid Search is one of our core pillars and our capabilities in Paid Search marketing are best in class. Our experience in Paid Search spans more than a decade and stems from our founders. We have a very strong partnership with Google, with a dedicated agency team and we are Certified Google Partners. We frequently receive feedback from numerous teams internally at Google that our campaign structure and optimization techniques are exemplary. Metric Digital executes end-to-end build & management of Search, Shopping, Display, Dynamic, GSP with proven track record of success. We offer the creation and management of 24/7 live reporting dashboard.

Paid Social

We deliver end-to-end build & management of paid social advertising with proven track record of success. We focus on high converting acquisition tools: 1% lookalikes, site engagement remarketing. We are actively testing new campaign types, i.e., Broad Targeting Product Catalog, Offers Campaigns, etc. We build creative for proven & emerging ad units: product carousel, animation and slideshow. We also offer UTM tracking methodology.


We help with Product Onboarding, Uploading, Optimization. We execute Paid Campaign Creation Management & Optimization. We also offer Ongoing Operations Management.

Email Marketing

We offer setup of automated & triggered flows. Creation of templates for automated and one-off emails. A comprehensive testing plan including content, layout, frequency. Audit of current segmentation and creation of a future plan. Database analysis based on subscriber activity. Deliverability monitoring and analysis


Our top level SEO techniques include (1) keyword research of adjacent markets to identify opportunities, (2) deep technical SEO with server-level recommendations for improvement, (3) precise targeting of multi-lingual international websites, (4) detail-oriented algorithmically-based content optimization, (5) in-house tools to identify topics with high demand and relatively low competition and (6) competitor analysis to gauge the effectiveness of completing content. Because our SEO team has strong software development expertise, we often develop custom analytics integrations to extend the capabilities of Google Analytics 360 and write custom software tools to measure the value of partner sites for link building initiatives.


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