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Seamlessly connect ecommerce and in-store POS - Retail Dimensions (RDi) simplifies ecommerce operations for retailers by connecting POS with ecommerce. Highly customizable, the RDi BigCommerce POS integration eliminates the need for redundant manual data entry, unifying BigCommerce and in-store POS. With over 1,000 POS ecommerce integrated clients globally, RDi integrations connect BigCommerce with Retail Pro POS, NCR Counterpoint POS, Windward System Five and Smyth Retail’s Merchant Plus. RDi clients are provided an analysis to ensure each BigCommerce POS integration fits the clients’ online requirements and meshes those requirements with data processes in both POS and BigCommerce. RDi’s proven processes provide each client with an ecommerce integration tailored to their specific business operation. RDi is headquartered in Beaverton Oregon.





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