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At The Good we know what ecommerce leaders really want is to produce more revenue from their existing website traffic. In order to do that, they need to convert more of their website visitors into buyers. We know how frustrating it can be for an ecommerce leader to spend so much time, effort, and money on driving traffic to their site, only to find that the traffic is converting poorly. We believe every ecommerce leader deserves a clear path to drive maximum revenue from their existing marketing efforts. This is why for almost 10 years we have been helping ecommerce sites convert more of their existing website traffic into buyers. Learn more at


Comprehensive Ecommerce Conversion Audit

Understand why your site is not converting and create a conversion improvement action plan. For ecommerce companies looking to do a 360 degree analysis of site-wide conversions, we offer an end-to-end audit of your website and its conversion weaknesses. Our audits go beyond surface level metrics. We base our audits on our extensive insights gained from years of experience conducting ecommerce conversion rate optimization, user experience strategy and A/B testing with a wide variety of well-known brands. Our team of conversion and user experience strategists build a detailed (typically 60-100 page) report outlining your conversion rate performance strengths and weaknesses as well as the top opportunities for increased conversions and sales.

Conversion Growth Program™

Continually improve ecommerce sales and conversion rates with a proven program. For companies looking to increase their site-wide conversions, the Conversion Growth Program™ is a done-for-you testing and conversion optimization service. What’s Included? The Conversion Growth Program™ is a flexible conversion optimization program that is customized based on the clicks and movements of your specific site visitors. The program starts with a comprehensive website conversion audit, identifies conversion roadblocks, and provides improvement recommendations and a full A/B testing roadmap. Then it implements the testing roadmap to improve conversions now and for the long haul. The program is month-to-month and the service level can be adjusted or cancelled at any time.

Data-Driven Redesign

Redesign some or all of your site based on your visitor’s clicks and movements to increase conversions. Pretty websites alone don’t make money – data does. Traditional redesign is risky because it relies on subjective opinions, messaging and design elements. These risks create traps and barriers that make it extremely difficult for visitors to convert. That is where our data-validated website design comes in. It’s scientific and validated by your visitor’s clicks and movements, reducing the redesign risk while improving conversions and sales.

A/B & Multivariate Testing

Understand your visitor’s preferences, goals, and behaviors. Our testing services help you improve conversions by collecting data necessary to make informed decisions. To get a website to convert, it must be based on your visitor’s actual clicks and movements, not just a pretty design. That is where our A/B & Multivariate Testing services come in. We test and validate key areas of your website based on your visitor’s actions, so you can quickly start improving conversions and sales right away.

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