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We deliver ecommerce marketing solutions so advanced you might mistake them for magic. From the simplest landing page to the most complex order fulfillment workflow, we transform your online presence to create frictionless experiences that delight site visitors and internal teams alike. Then we bring the right buyers to your door with powerful, continuously optimized campaigns that engage audiences and move markets beyond every expectation. No, it's not magic. But at the end of the day, it sure feels that way.



MoJo Active has ecommerce experience that dates back to the earliest years of the internet. Back when you built your own shopping cart and managed inventory manually. Thanks to products like BigCommerce, it's all different today, but there's no substitute for that experience. That experience is why we can help you integrate ecommerce into your business...not just do the technical requirements to sell stuff on your website. We know what keeps ecommerce merchants up at night. So we can help you address these issues before they cause you to lose sleep. • Integration with existing ERP systems • Managing the challenge of localized taxes • Getting shipping right • International sales • Gift card integration • Warehouse management and logistics workflow • Inventory accuracy • Mobile shoppers • PCI compliance

Marketing Strategy

Marketing goes beyond ecommerce. There are tactics you may think your business should use just because everyone else is using them. But, do they make sense for your business? What process does each customer go through before making his or her purchase, and how do you ultimately reach customers in each step of the buying cycle? We will take a holistic look at your business to deliver a plan that meets your growth objectives. Here's what you can expect this to look like: Meet. An initial consultation allows us to learn about you, your business and what you need and want to accomplish. Educate. Marketing is a process, not a project. We’ll show you how it can take you one step closer to meeting (and surpassing) your business objectives. Strategize. We assess the situation, identify your key performance indicators and develop tactical solutions to meet our goal-driven strategy for your business.


Our corporate branding & messaging process allows us to help any business identify what makes it stand out. We help clients get past the "what" they do and "how" they do it to find the true expression of why they are in business. Once achieved, this becomes the messaging platform that drives all sales and marketing communications and resonates with all key stakeholders, including customers, partners, referrers, and employees. Some deliverables include: Market Analysis Logo Design Messaging Strategy Company or Product Naming Positioning Statement Tagline Development

Web+Mobile Development

The digital world is well past the point where mobile design and development was an afterthought. And the “mobile first” phase had its own limitations. Today, Web+Mobile Development is a single (but multifaceted) activity. MoJo Active takes a holistic view of your users’ intentions and interactions to ensure a positive experience regardless of the device they use.


Traffic from search engines remains a critical factor for your site’s success. Remove it from your digital marketing efforts, and you just won’t be firing on all cylinders. Some clients tell us they have tried it and it “didn’t work.” We understand. This has become a highly specialized area of marketing, so it requires deep knowledge and experience (not to mention a healthy level of attention to detail.) The fact is, maximizing the value you can get from SEO+SEM is complicated, tedious, and heavy on the detail. But when you have an optimized program running it can do more than just have your digital marketing firing on all cylinders – it can supercharge your sales.

Social Media Marketing

Every business and middle school student has the ability to put up a Facebook page. They can Tweet or Pin or Post. But it requires more to leverage today’s complex social platforms with a cohesive strategy to get relevant content to your audience and build relationships. Our work aims higher than just getting more likes or follows. We understand how to use social channels to build a two-way conversation between you and your customers. And we understand how to use them as advertising platforms to expand the reach of your message.

Email Marketing

We’re here to tell you that email marketing is not old news. In fact, the opportunities continue to expand to make email enhance your overall marketing strategy. When combined with your ecommerce store, an effective email marketing strategy can help you 1. retain current customers 2. increase average order size 3. resurrect dormant customers 4. nurture new customers through the sales process We can share the secrets we’ve learned helping national brands like Shop-Vac and Woolrich use email marketing to drive online sales.

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