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CoStrategix - A Digital Partner for mid-market companies seeking to evolve their business models to incorporate Digital. We help define Data and Digital strategies and execute projects in the areas of Data Engineering, Data Science, ML, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics & Data Insights, Application modernization, Cloud, Mobility and Digital Commerce. Founded in 2006 in Cincinnati, CoStrategix excels at creating solutions that are a powerful mix of digital, data and design to boost productivity and fuel an accelerated growth. We clearly understand our customers' business model through workshops, scoping and discovery conversations and provide strategic solutions followed by seamless execution to infuse Digital technologies into existing models leading to significant competitive advantages, increased operational efficiencies and/or new revenue streams for our customers.


Strategy & Consulting

Today’s digital and data analytics possibilities can give you a real competitive advantage. Create new revenue streams, improve operational efficiencies and even mitigate risks. Before executing any initiative, a conceptual map and a clear approach towards an end-goal is crucial to success. Our strategists have an execution-based business mindset and utilize their expertise of leading-edge technologies to chart an informed path forward. We tailor strategy engagements to fit your business model, create sensible budgets and timelines, and define all necessary steps to achieve tangible outputs and results. We have designed SWIFT Assessment - a proprietary, efficient series of immersive sessions that allow us understand your needs and digital maturity to quickly move to the planning phase. Key inclusions in our strategy and consulting engagement are Data & Analytics workshops, digital strategy scoping and discovery, technology assessment and user experience workshops. Our Strategy engagements lead to tangible roadmaps and a plan of attack with unique deliverables like Due Diligence reports, Cloud Strategy, Gap Analysis, Project plans, Architecture Blueprint, Technology Stack Selection, Proof of Concept etc.

Digital Commerce

Today, Digital Commerce isn’t just a sales channel – it’s a broader business strategy that gives your customers new ways to engage your business. Rich digital experiences have significantly raised your customers’ expectations and offering superior CX is almost mandatory in today’s fiercely competitive landscape. CoStrategix helps you create relevant, individualized interactions with your customers that secure long-term relationships. Navigate direct-to-consumer experiences through a robust digital commerce platform powered by BigCommerce that enables subscription orders, product customizations, and personalization approaches to create frictionless commerce experiences, increased customer retention rates, and recurring revenue streams. Our team of designers and UI/UX specialists bring extensive experience in digital commerce implementations - We can help with customer journey mapping, strategy, modernization, experience design and implementation with a focus on customer experience, agility, flexibility, globalization and integration with your business ecosystem. Whether you are newly exploring BigCommerce or modernizing existing e-commerce platforms, CoStrategix can help accelerate and drive adoption. By applying principles like real-time customer analytics, location-based preferences, and sentiment analysis, we modernize your commerce platform and enable your team to make informed decisions based on customer insight, leading to significant business outcomes.

Digital Products and Platforms

Digital strategy is absolutely integral to your overall business strategy, but it’s so complex that it needs to be addressed as a separate entity. A unified vision at the top management level is the first step to create a comprehensive, measurable approach. You must look at your customers, competitors, data, innovations, and value propositions through the filter of today’s digital possibilities. We’ll help you to create the digital blueprint to engage customers and operational systems that deliver on the promise. CoStrategix begins by evaluating the system footprint, recommending a way to build APIs, centralizing business workflows, and implementing the services for external stakeholder consumption. APIs (application programming interfaces) are a foundation of modern application architecture. They bridge disparate systems, open up boundaries for partners to digitally consume your products and services, creating new value proposition and monetization possibilities. With this digital transformation, the idea is to create a “digital twin” of your existing products or services. Because your business is so unique, you simply won’t find any packaged solutions that work out of the box. We provide technology assessments, roadmaps, cost avoidance solutions, cloud strategy, and end-to-end implementation of solutions with enterprise maturity - We develop products that answer your organization’s specific needs. We’ll provide a stellar user experience using modern technology frameworks, integrating with backend systems to orchestrate frictionless delivery of value to end-customers, partners, and employees.

Data & Analytics

In the past, data analytics was simply viewed as passive information on a dashboard or scorecard. Today, it’s absolutely crucial for gaining competitive advantages, so it is vital to determine where your organization stands and where to focus. CoStrategix will get you started and navigate these complicated options. We handle every step from consulting through engineering and execution, with a singular focus on improved business outcomes. In defining your Data & Analytics strategy, our experts look at the horizon and form a practical plan to get there. We tap into our knowledge of various technologies and platforms, cross-pollination of ideas and use-cases with other industries and verticals and create a defined strategy for your organization, with detailed roadmaps and investments required to get to that future state. Our strategy engagement is a focused, efficient and productive workshop, customized for your needs with very tangible deliverables with a stated budget and a timeline. Avoid wasted investments and failed projects as you drive analytics and a data-mindset within your organization. CoStrategix helps by applying cloud data services, building future-proof, highly scalable, pay-as-you-go, extensible solutions that not only keep your business operating at peak efficiencies, but also drive net-new revenue streams. We bring thought leadership and best practices to create rightsized Data Engineering and Analytics solutions that keep data flowing to everyone in your organization, creating actionable insights and helping you make informed decisions.

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