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With over 13 years of extensive industry experience, highly talented solution architects at the helm, and a power packed team of 100+ technologists, CoStrategix steers enterprises, mid-market companies and startups in the United States in the right direction, technology and strategy-wise. Headquartered in Cincinnati, CoStrategix excels at creating solutions that are a powerful mix of digital, data and design to boost productivity and fuel an accelerated growth. We propel businesses through technology and pave the roadmap for their success while reducing operating expenditures - Radically transforming their existing business models for the Digital Age through strategic conversations, compelling design, deep technology expertise and robust processes.


Strategic Digital Solutions

Technologies such as Cloud, Social, Analytics, Mobile Apps, Internet of Things (IoTs) and wearables are rapidly converging to disrupt existing business models. Today, every company needs a “digital business model”. Digital business models which is not same as “digital marketing” is about using new and emerging technologies to create new business models or redefine existing ones. Customers are coming to expect a new level of engagement with your business. The physical world is increasingly becoming connected through sensors and connected devices. It’s a great opportunity to take existing core competencies and engage your customers in ways never done before. We bring the strategic thinking and execution for our clients to develop and/or supercharge their digital business models. We love diving deep into the business models and help craft digital business models. We bring the digital business models to life through compelling design, deep technology expertise, and robust processes to rapidly deliver solutions.

Product Engineering

New and emerging technologies opens up possibilities to ‘productize’ your existing core competencies and opens up monetization opportunities. The execution can take the form of platforms that interact with IoT devices, mobile apps, cloud deployments, SaaS (software as a service), or exposing a business service through APIs. Whatever the form, technology products that are core to your business requires a specific set of competencies such as business model definition, experience design, technical expertise, rapid delivery processes and speed-to-market. We have worked with over 35+ product companies and bring the critical thinking and technology expertise to launching your product. We have left behind a trail of patents for our customers in the process and bring the design-first, MVP (minimum viable product), rapid iterations and perpetual beta principles to building products.

IT Renovation

With the maturity of emerging technologies, IT organizations will be charged to lead the way in creating systems of customer engagement. To effectively deploy such systems of engagement, IT will require strong “systems of record” which includes back office systems, data warehouse, CRM systems, order management and tracking, e-commerce platforms and content management systems. Today most of these systems will require renovation to meet the new demands of the business. We bring the planning and strategy expertise, scoping studies of existing legacy systems, build-or-buy assessments, technology selection, migration/sun-set strategies, bridging islands of information, architectural system blueprints, and other related engagements to ensure that the IT infrastructure is robust. We execute the software solutions with experienced software architects, bring right balance of development expertise, strong QA and deployment processes while providing support throughout the lifecycle of the systems.

Emerging Technology

Technology is evolving by the second. Technology adoption cycles are shorter. Identifying critical emerging technologies and operationalizing it requires careful identification and practicality. Businesses that can detect and operationalize emerging technologies can break away from the pack and disrupt existing business models or gain significant competitive advantage. Gixer Labs is our innovation lab where we prototype early stage technologies and innovate for our customers. We become your ‘skunkworks’ team where we do the research, prove out new technologies and operationalize it rapidly and cost effectively. We are working with Wearables (Google Glass, Oculus), 3D printers, Internet of Things and other newer technologies. We also partner to build hardware systems needed in the solution footprint for our customers. In addition, we also work on latest software frameworks, toolkits, newer approaches as part of this practice.

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