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In our perfect world, every e-commerce business would have a testing culture. “Have a great idea? Cool! Test it.” We want to hear that exchange ringing out from the rooftops of every office building in the world (not just Silicon Valley!). That said, testing isn’t always the best solution – sometimes you just need a problem fixed, or help with growing enough traffic for test results to be significant. We’re here for you. We have one goal: To help outstanding e-commerce store owners grow revenue.


E-commerce Analytics

Your analytics shows high traffic numbers – but very little engagement. What’s going on? You can’t improve what you don’t measure. Analytics is a crucial part of any e-commerce store yet most companies just end up with vanity metrics and useless data. Properly setting up Google analytics and actually using your data is tricky. Understand what your visitors are doing within your store, including which products/features they like and which ones they don’t. Increase Sales & Conversion Rates Improve your website conversion rates to get more leads that convert to paying customers.

Customer Research

One-size-fits-all does not fit most e-commerce stores. In our experience, e-commerce stores and their customers are unique, each with own challenges and ideal outcomes. We follow a step-by-step methodology that allows for bespoke conversion optimization, guaranteed to yield measurable results for each, individual business. Customer research is a pre-requisite for successful A/B testing, but we also offer it a la carte for businesses who may not be ready for testing, but do need to understand their customer’s motivations and behaviors.

E-commerce A/B Testing

Out of the entire conversion optimization process, A/B testing gets the most attention. It’s the star of the show, but like all stars, it needs a strong supporting cast to put on a great show. Properly conducted, testing takes out the ‘guessing’ part of improving a website and replaces it with ‘just try it out’ approach. The hypotheses we test are based on a foundation of customer research, so that each iteration – every change we make – is based on real data from your target customers. That means each hypothesis is more likely to work, shortening the time between testing and measurably increasing sales.

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