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The ZaneRay Group designs and creates innovative enterprise e-commerce solutions that disrupt the norm. While adhering to best-practice principles, we are constantly thinking outside of the box, designing and developing new and unique ways to engage customers. Having significant experience in headless architecture, we have designed and developed a number of headless sites and was awarded the BigCommerce Headless Award for 2020. Operating since 2000, ZaneRay has produced a number of ‘Top Shelf’ e-commerce sites for enterprise-level clients: Skullcandy, Patagonia, Yeti Cycles, Osprey Packs, Filson, Carhartt, Outdoor Research, Zwift, and Competitive Cyclist, to name a few. We have an incredible depth of experience in eCommerce web development, design, and marketing, working as a long-term partner alongside most of our clients.


Our Design Approach

Design. The general meaning of the word typically falls into the aesthetic realm. At ZaneRay, we try to look at design beyond subjectivity and always ask ourselves, 'how does the design serve the client's goal?' From art directing on a grand scale to designing the minute details, we put it through that wringer. Is it creative? Absolutely. Is is arbitrary? Hardly. We have found that 'process,' just as much as creativity, is the framework for success, knowing that the creative process is just as important as the end product. Additionally, we address the ongoing design needs and how we can best empower our clients for the long term. The following list outlines some of the basic steps in our website design process: - Company and brand immersion - Consumer market study - Competitive market study - Client survey on existing sites - Information Architecture, wireframes and multi-device considerations - Iterative design concept development and page design - Image and media assets preparation and branding guidelines - Define ongoing strategy It is always our intention at ZaneRay to operate with great sensitivity to a company's brand. We spend a great deal of time in the immersion process and continue on an ongoing basis to understand our clients' branding and current positioning within their markets. As designers, we aim to create vehicles to express your DNA clearly, rather than obscuring it through over-designing. We have a wealth of branding experience, especially as it relates to extending and refining an existing brand and take pride in our ability to help companies deliver effective, rich branding experiences. Perhaps our biggest advantage as a Web design consultancy is our constant drive and synergy that connects the creative front-end with all that is techy behind the scenes. And with a resumé of several high functioning Ecommerce sites, we are not simply a design firm, we drive our designs with sales in mind.

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