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We give strategic consulting and marketing services to companies looking to improve and expand their eCommerce website stores. David Corman is a passionate and dedicated consultant with extensive experience in Internet marketing, advertising and eCommerce. As a BigCommerce Design and Solution Partner, David helps eCommerce stores sell more and expand their reach.


eCommerce Website and Conversion Optimization

Corman Marketing and Consulting has helped increase total online transactions by 400%, website conversion rate by 200%, revenue by 175%, and traffic by 131%.

Email Marketing Automation and Personalization

We help on-board and optimize companies looking to take their email marketing and website performance to the next level through email automation and personaliziation. We are a Listrak platform Strategic Marketing Partner

Sales and Marketing Promotions

We've managed many multi-million dollar sales and promotions across many verticals.

Google AdWords, YouTube, Twitter, Amazon, Facebook, Criteo Advertising Optimization

We optimize your advertising accounts to achieve maximum revenue for our clients.

Marketing Campaign Consulting

Corman Marketing and Consulting helps you run large scale product marketing, lead generation and branding campaigns. We've helped launch over 100 campaigns, acquired hundreds of thousands of new users and customers, and sent millions of website visitors.

Verticals Serviced
• B2B
• Non-profit
• Wholesale/Manufacturing




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Agency Partner


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Yigal Alon 18