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Companies of all sizes understand the importance of social media. The fastest growing platforms are visual with algorithms that promote high quality, engaging content. Creating your own visual content costs time and money and often results in either poor quality content or reused stock images due to time constraints. Hiring professional photographers is expensive and requires studio and equipment hire, stylists and props putting it out of reach of many businesses. Creatively Squared matches brands with talented creatives to produce engaging visual content. Our community is a mix of semi professional photographers and savvy social media experts that specialise in creating engaging visuals. Our service is a frictionless, cost effective option that enables companies to produce quality content at scale.


Creative Visual Content

At Creatively Squared we match your brand with Instagram’s top creative talent from our global network to produce authentic user generated visual content at scale. In contrast to traditional advertising and stock photography, brands now need to create visual content that is as authentic and engaging as what your friends are posting. Social photography provides brands with authentic visual content that adds personality to your products that will increase your engagement and conversions. We provide brands with an accessible and affordable solution to sourcing customised and compelling content by connecting them with the people that do it best.

Verticals Serviced
• Digital goods (e.g., print, media, music, gaming)
• Media & Entertainment
• Retail



Creatively Squared

Creatively Squared is a platform to connect businesses that need creative engaging visual content with talented stylists.


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