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Lets be clear: Reach Digital is not a web dev company that happens to do digital marketing on the side. Reach is a hybrid company which focuses equally on web development and digital advertising. This means you will get a beautiful site that is also functional and capable of driving serious sales. Our development process includes our SEOs and PPC Managers from the very start of the design process to ensure that a high-performing site is an inevitability, not a prayer.


Digital Growth Strategy

Clients come to us when they're ready to scale their business. After creating a beautiful and functional website, it is time to start attracting eyes to the site in order to cover the development costs of the new site. We create financially sound strategies that target your specific audience at a level that is sustainable for your company. We also project the returns from each tactic so you can understand where your attention is best spent. From Social Media to SEO to paid advertising, we develop performance-based digital strategies that make sense for your business and your ROI goals


Let’s face it, you need to be on the first page of Google. Unlike paid advertising, SEO is a true investment in your future, because although most tactics aren’t fruitful immediately they end up lasting much longer once they work. SEO is really about understanding keyword searches and your visitor's behaviours and tendencies. Thats why we begin our SEO work with a review of the most EFFICIENT keywords for your business. This means that we are looking for the keywords high search volume and relatively low competition. This allows us to determine the 20% of keywords that will drive 80% of your long term results.

Paid Advertising

Paid Advertising is like a light switch – turn it on and turn it off as you need. Paid Ads give a shot in the arm to any marketing campaign and offer great flexibility in the audiences that are targeted. Push your message with unmatched targeting, tracking, and insight capabilities across Google, Bing, Social Media, and more! We have partnered with multiple search engines around the world in order to reach up to 96% of global internet users. We often blend paid search and paid display in order to achieve maximum results and target as precisely as possible. In order to deliver on this offering as best as possible, we partner with some great graphic design agencies to provide world-class imagery while we are left to provide world-class targeting and advertising which is what we do best. This partnership allows us to provide top of the line services while not costing top of the line money.

Social Media

Getting ‘likes’ and ‘follows’ is fine, but where’s the ROI? Reach approaches Social Media as yet another piece of your digital funnel. We don’t count our activities as successful until Social Media users have visited your website, performed a meaningful action, and truly entered your funnel.

Data Analysis

Do you know what people do on your website? Why they came? Which messaging converted them and where they came from? Do you know at which points in their buying journey they turned to your website or what content/information they are looking for once they arrive? How about understanding what ROI you need from your digital advertising in order to break even or make a profit? Our Data Analysis Service is about connecting the dots between all of the data points in order to weave a coherent story of what is happening in your business. It essentially gives you a glimpse into your visitor’s minds with custom testing solutions that we put together for clients on an individual basis.


Starting, Changing, or Migrating your online store can be riddled with challenges. We help mid-market and enterprise level clients build great solutions that drive results. Beyond that we also have some pretty cool brick & mortar solutions up our sleeves to help connect your digital advertising and real-world results.

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