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ROI Swift is a Digital Marketing Firm that helps business growth through expert paid advertising including Adwords, Facebook, Pinterest and Amazon. We help your businesses grow through profitable digital marketing strategies.


Facebook Advertising

When we ask our clients about their Facebook advertising, we usually hear something like “Well, we’ve boosted posts…” While boosting posts is a form of advertising, the more sophisticated Business Manager advertising with lookalike audiences, tracking pixels and conversion data has a much better ROI for customers.

Google AdWords

Google AdWords can be overwhelming and we’ve seen clients spend lots of money with companies that say they know what they’re doing. Some questions to ask if you don’t already have the answers to are below: Do they know what your cost per acquisition target is? Do they have goals set up? Are they in line with your business? Can they tell you what your best and worst performing categories are? Local Awareness Campaigns What do your bi-weekly/monthly reports look like? How are they matching on AdWords differently for exact, broad and phrase terms?

Amazon eCommerce

Navigating Amazon and understanding the nuances can take years yet Amazon is one of the most profitable channels for product manufacturers and resellers. We’ve helped companies do the following on Amazon: Clean up and standardize their listings Remove 3rd party sellers that destroy your brand and reputation Convert to Fulfilled by Amazon to gain the Prime members and take advantage of the Prime shipping options Implement and optimize PPC advertising to take advantage of the world’s biggest marketplace Re-instate sellers who have been suspended for not meeting Amazon’s customer experience metrics Can we do all this for you? Sure. Just ask one of our clients who went from $10k a month to $170k a month with us managing their business

Pintrest Promoted Pins

According to Pinterest, 93% of pinners shopped online in the last 6 months as of November 2014. And, more than 2/3 are women and spend more than an hour a day on Pinterest. If you are a consumer brand, Pinterest is a very important tool for reaching existing and potential customers. We have experience with Pinterest Promoted Pins since nearly its inception and constantly hone your campaigns to ensure your brand is getting in front of the right customers at the right time.

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