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Our Delivery Promise Getting things done and into market – We can help you tie up all the loose ends preventing you from getting your product to market. Whether you need IP/trademark protection, manufacturer sourcing, or shipping advice, we connect you with the right expertise to bring your company forward. Go to Market fast before competitors do – Getting to market first can make all the difference in securing distribution, customer loyalty and market share. We can help you beat your rivals to the punch. A full service company that can deliver it all to you – Whether you need marketing advice, development scopes or business strategy advice, ROI Check can point you in the right direction to achieve success.


Blog Management

Your blog is one of the most important parts of making sure that your site is seen as authoritative and trustworthy among your potential customers. Just having a blog can increase the amount of time the average person spends on your site by a full 30% and expand your brand credibility. Here at ROI Check, we understand what makes blog content effective. We start on your blog management project the way we always do, by delving deep into the identity of your customers and determining what kind of information is useful and appealing to them. Then, we develop a schedule that will make your blog posts impactful, informative, and effective — always with your ultimate sales goals in mind. Your blog will quickly become one of the most important magnets for traffic on your site and a great way to help you enhance sales. When you work with us, your business will benefit from all of the following and more: Blog Posts That Make A Difference To Your Bottom Line Our blog posts are well-written and informative, focusing in on the touchstones that drive your customers’ purchasing decisions. Each one of our writers is skilled in developing blog posts that get responses and results from your customers, helping grow brand recognition. Viral And Social Approaches That Really Work Viral content is an incredibly powerful asset and medium for getting your message out. We make sure that every one of your posts is truly “shareable” and make it easy to spread your message. We can also look for social opportunities across a number of the most popular networks. Our writers understand that writing a blog isn’t the same as writing a newspaper article or a book chapter. We grab your reader and use the latest techniques in psychology to focus their precious attention on the most important take-aways of your message.

Content Marketing

ROI Check is serious about content marketing, and you should be as well. Some of the top sources in the world have indicated that content marketing is growing ever more crucial in achieving online marketing success. Content marketing consists of effectively building and promoting an on-site blog as well as a variety of reports, whitepapers, and informative giveaways that help to establish your authority in your market. Content marketing provides you with all of the following benefits at a minimal cost: — It significantly increases the amount of time the average visitor spends on your website. — A moderate investment of time in your blog can boost your website traffic by a full 30%. — Inbound links, which are critical to search engine performance, can practically double. What does it all mean? Content marketing is critical to your lead generation and gives you the ability to influence major purchase decisions by recognizing the needs of your primary audience and giving them what they need, when they need it, on your own platform.

SEM Management

Search engine marketing is perhaps the most powerful form of marketing that has ever been devised. Only with an SEM-focused approach can a business, no matter how large or small, achieve instant access to millions of potential customers. With our help, you can get a steady, nearly immediate flow of search engine marketing traffic from both organic and “pay per click” approaches that will be an affordable, effective part of revenue-building. We manage your site’s relationship to search engines in every way: Pay Per Click Marketing Entrepreneurs who stray into pay per click marketing without training can lose tons of money. Our Google-certified SEM management experts drive your ads to the highest positions at the lowest cost-per-click possible. Benefits Of Our Pay Per Click SEM: — Unlike agencies, we do not rely completely on automated technology- our management is hands-on, for maximum control. — Our experts are up-to-date with all the latest industry trends and features, to help edge out the competition. — We constantly test and optimize every step of your sales funnel, to continue improving your ROI. — You will receive weekly reports on performance, with complete detail on your performance and management updates. Typically when the experts talk about SEM they refer to Pay Per Click Marketing, but one can also say organic search engine marketing is part of the SEM fix! Organic Search Engine Marketing also known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO No matter how compelling your organic content may be, it has to be empowered with an effective backlinking strategy to ensure it will be visible to search engines. We get you valuable traffic on the search engine keywords that will drive your business.

Conversion Services

Our conversion services help to drive your leads through the sales funnel, transforming leads into prospects, prospects into customers, and customers into repeat visitors who will bring you value. Unlike other companies, our approach to conversion is focused on measurable data. That means we find out what’s working and make consistent improvements. Our proven approaches include: Split Testing Your Website We continuously “split test” the most crucial aspects of your website, improving your site’s ease of use and motivating more of your site visitors to reach the goals you set for them. Full-Scale Performance Analytics We provide industry leading analytics solutions to provide actionable information about website visitors, providing opportunities to continuously optimize and promote your site. Proactive Conversion Optimization We use the latest marketing and psychology techniques to align your business with the deeper needs of your customer base. We constantly develop and act on a number of conversion reports: - Brand Voice Analysis - Market And Opportunity Analysis - Information Architecture - Landing Page Development - UX - Sales Funnel Optimization

Design and Development

ROI Check specializes in providing SEO friendly Web Design & Development Services. We strongly believe that “SEO friendly design” does not have to mean “dull” websites. While many of our sites use eye-grabbing flash animations, they are also SEO-friendly. CMS Systems – We help you select the most appropriate Content Management Systems that can keep your information up-to-date and easily accessible for your clients and customers. CRM Systems – We help you design and purchase Customer Relationship Management software systems that maximize your ability to provide for your customers’ needs in a timely and efficient manner. eCommerce Systems – We can help you set up your payment systems on the Internet and maximize the revenue-generating functions of your website. End to end designs – We help you maximize the efficiency of your website to enrich the user experience. Our expert Internet programmers make sure that your message comes through effectively to your target audience.

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