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We're an award-winning, full-service digital agency with four offices on three continents. Our world-class team is comprised of creative and endlessly curious domain experts with a commitment to producing genuinely outstanding work. We operate on an adaptable, data-informed, interdisciplinary model of production, and deliver consistent wins across sales, marketing, support, and customer success initiatives at all levels of engagement. So, whether your organization is looking for a fully embedded strategy partner, targeted, on-demand expertise, or a deliverable-focused solution, Salted Stone is ready to take on your next challenge. The team at Salted Stone combines technical prowess, innovative solutions, and inspired creative to supercharge your growth. Additional agency Partnerships: HubSpot (Diamond-tier), WPEngine, Ceros, Instapage, Google, Wistia, Zaius


End-to-end Solutions + Services

Our programs are customized on a client-by-client basis, but we tend to engage in one of three distinct approaches: STRATEGIC PROGRAMS: We're your fully embedded partner, ready to launch and monitor creative strategies. TACTICAL SUPPORT: Our experts are ready to deploy specific initiatives, on-demand. PROJECTS: Your flat rate, fixed-scope deliverable is on it's way - when you want it.

Inbound Marketing

Standing out in increasingly saturated markets now requires innovative strategic programs. From the development of carefully researched target personas and the mapping of buyer pathways to the deployment of fully realized inbound campaigns, you need a team who can execute and ensure continuous analysis, assessment, and improvement. We constantly refine and update our tactics as the inbound marketplace evolves and technologies emerge. Our approach is vetted and time-tested. Each inbound marketing initiative is designed to address your audience at every stage of the buyer’s journey. Our solutions are tailored to solve for specific pain points and to break down hurdles to growth. Strategists identify and deploy custom solutions following exhaustive industry and organizational research.

Conversational Marketing

Conversational marketing makes use of chatbot services and artificial intelligence communication tools to engage leads and customers in instant messaging interactions on websites and social media platforms. Automated chat enables a digital “team member” to reach out to a visitor without human intervention. Through a series of questions, your chatbot can qualify and assess the credibility of leads in real time, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Bots can even help customers locate relevant content and support articles tailored to their needs. For modern buyers, the ability to immediately find information or connect with a representative is now expected. That means getting conversational is no longer just an option. The Salted Stone team develops and executes omnichannel strategies around growth-focused conversational marketing initiatives. Our automation playbooks leverage standard chatbots, artificial intelligence applications, and touchless sales tactics to collect lead information, identify common areas of user confusion, address buyer needs, and filter out noise so you can give more attention to high-interest visitors. We build bot narratives, craft and deploy if/then workflows, and track the efficacy of each program — making ongoing, data-informed refinements.

PR, Influencer Marketing & Earned Media

Building mutually beneficial relationships between your brand and media outlets, individual thought leaders, and relevant organizations is key to gaining trust and visibility within your target buyer markets. Using a modern mix of traditional PR tactics, social media, and influencer engagements, Salted Stone works with organizations and executives to improve the reputation of their brand — both on and offline. Our strategies start with competitor research, followed by a deep dive into the digital preferences of a brand or organization’s audience. We use extensive industry analysis — in concert with sophisticated social listening tools — to reach a level of contextualization that allows for more impactful and effective earned media engagements. These reports allow us to identify persona-aligned events, partners, and digital platforms that are optimized for targeted exposure. We then craft a strategy around your goals for growth and publicity, finding creative opportunities for meaningful PR wins that go beyond tactics used by traditional public relations firms and influencer marketing agencies.

Video & Animation

As digital audiences continue to read less and watch more, it’s essential to keep the pace. This often means utilizing video and animated features. But to do so effectively, you’ll be navigating constantly shifting best practices, crafting relevant messaging, capturing clear audio, and creating compelling visuals - while keeping the length appropriate, selecting a hosting platform, and finding information capture tools to turn your viewers into leads. Then, it’s time to syndicate your content for the best ROI. That’s a lot. Luckily, we’re very good at all of this. Live-action, talking heads, interviews, product videos, testimonials, explainer videos, demos, sizzle reels, animated shorts... we do it all. Our award winning team boasts robust video and animation production capabilities, including an in-office production studio and access to the latest technology and tools. For all associated planning, executing, and reporting activities, turn to Salted Stone.

Customer Success

Depictions of the ‘buyer’s journey’ or ‘sales and marketing funnel’ tend to place little to no emphasis on the final phase: customer delight. This stage of client relations begins after a lead has moved through the sales process and has become a customer. It’s where most marketers and salespeople pass off a contact to their client services rep, and turn their attention back toward new leads at the top of the pipeline. In other words, they stop marketing to a receptive, (clearly) qualified, and important lead source: their current book of business. Whether you’re seeking customer retention services, looking to turn loyal clients into brand evangelists, or simply want to measure the customer lifetime value (CLV) of a particular account, Salted Stone can provide tailored, data-informed solutions. We understand the role that customer success programs play in achieving sustainable organizational growth. Because the cost of onboarding a new customer eclipses the cost of keeping an existing one, most companies can't afford to ignore opportunities for ongoing communication and account-based upselling. Salted Stone can help build these systems and establish internal processes.

Website and Store Design & Development

For the majority of consumers, a brand’s website communicates far more than company information and offerings. A website is, in fact, a reflection of values and culture, and an indicator of trustworthiness and legitimacy. So, regardless of your organization’s credibility and respective market dominance, your home on the web must clearly and elegantly convey your company’s identity. Our process (refined over a decade) for initial builds and redesigns starts with a roadmapping exercise that enables our creatives and writers to capture all key project variables and correlate relevant data points into a unified, functional sitemap. This makes space for your messaging and ensures great user experiences. Once we have a clear blueprint for success, our production teams shift into high gear. We work closely with our client services department, responsible for managing all activities and timeframes, and our full stack developers, to realize your vision. It all culminates in a beautiful, responsive, and intelligently assembled site -- optimized to attract and convert your leads.

Brand, Sales, and Customer Service Audits

For those actively working in their business and on their business, gaining a complete picture of your operational strengths and weaknesses can be very difficult. Remaining completely unbiased as you stress test your own top-of-the-funnel systems (like marketing and branding) and your middle/bottom-of-the-funnel systems (like sales and customer service) is nearly impossible. The team at Salted Stone doesn't start with best practices and hunches — we start with qualitative and quantitative research and data analysis to produce actionable and valuable insights for our clients. This is why a comprehensive audit, completed by an impartial organization, is key to identifying areas in which your brand is surpassing, or failing to meet, buyer expectations. Brand, sales, and customer service audits are foundational to the majority of our strategic work.

CRM & Marketing Platform Integrations

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies are a critical part of the eCommerce ecosystem. From contact records to communication sequences and financial transactions, the data they provide can be essential to the marketing, sales, and support processes. But your platforms must be properly set up and fortified with specialized integrations, to deliver genuinely effective insights. We’ve serviced hundreds of unique clients, and built a comprehensive knowledge base of tailored solutions accordingly. Our marketing operations experience has given us a view into the overlap between competing platforms and the use cases that the majority of our clients are trying to solve for.

CRM & Marketing Platform Migrations

Marketing platforms and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) technologies are becoming more accessible, affordable, and small-business-friendly every day. These platforms allow companies of all sizes to host their websites, and market to, organize, or track communications with their leads and existing clients. Now that many of these systems offer relative advantages for organizations at nearly every stage of maturity, finding the right one can be challenging. Our team is completely platform-agnostic. Though we’re most familiar with market leaders like HubSpot, Salesforce, and Marketo, Salted Stone is capable of setting up and migrating your website, blog, or CRM to and from nearly any system.

Our Full List of Services

Download the Salted Stone Capabilities Deck to access a full list of offerings and services. Review our flexible tiers of engagement, learn more about our technology partners, read client testimonials, and get to know our global team.

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Salted Stone's commercial for eCommerce client Purchase Green

Salted Stone wrote, shot, produced, and edited a TV advertisement for the west coast's leading artificial grass provider (and long-time eCommerce client) Purchase Green.


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