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We're an award-winning, full-service digital agency with four offices on three continents. Our world-class team is comprised of creative and endlessly curious domain experts with a commitment to producing genuinely outstanding work. We operate on an adaptable, data-informed, interdisciplinary model of production, and deliver consistent wins across sales, marketing, support, and customer success initiatives at all levels of engagement. So, whether your organization is looking for a fully embedded strategy partner, targeted, on-demand expertise, or a deliverable-focused solution, Salted Stone is ready to take on your next challenge. The team at Salted Stone combines technical prowess, innovative solutions, and inspired creative to supercharge your growth. And we love what we do. Additional agency Partnerships: HubSpot (Diamond-tier), WPEngine, Google, Wistia


Strategic Programs: Growth-focused, Proactive, KPI Accountable, Embedded & Aligned

You want more leads, or better qualified leads. You want to support your sales efforts, and close more deals. You want to increase customer retention and lifetime value, while turning your happy clients into brand evangelists and referral lead sources. Maybe you just want to do whatever is going to drive growth. No matter what challenges you’re facing, we’re ready to help. Offerings include: Inbound Marketing, Conversational Marketing, Sales Enablement, ABM & Targeted Prospecting, Customer Success, and Earned Media.

Tactical Support: Flexible, On-Demand, Versatile & Low-Risk

Address challenges as they arise with flexible access to a wide range of skills and disciplines. We're experts at translating ideas into output, and we're here to supplement your capabilities, increase your capacity or backfill your gaps in expertise. We offer marketing and sales operations, content creation, CRM marketing platform integrations or migrations, and design, development, campaign and website support with a quick ramp-up period.

Project Engagements: Flat Rate, Timeline-Bound & Deliverable-Focused

Informed by our interdisciplinary approach and armed with an extensive background in strategy and implementation, our team can unlock the next level of growth through the management of outcome-focused projects. From website design and web/mobile application development to video & animation production, brand identity workshops, and bespoke audits and analyses -- we're ready to deploy project engagements within a defined scope.

Verticals Serviced
• B2B
• Wholesale/Manufacturing




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