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Altera Consulting is a Tokyo-based boutique consulting firm specialized in Digital Transformation (DX). We help organizations build and enhance their technology and digital capabilities to improve their business and operations. Our team covers a wide range of skills, including business consulting, engineering, product, design and project management. By applying agile and lean principles we’ve been able to consistently provide best-fit digital transformation solutions to companies of all sizes, ranging from small ventures to globally established brands. The pace of change keeps accelerating, disrupting each and every industry. Only companies that are able to adapt quickly to those changes through technology and lean processes can survive and strive.


E-Commerce Audit & Review | Strategy | Optimization

A wide range of e-commerce platforms makes selling online easier than ever before. However, choosing the wrong system or failing to optimize your platform fully for your particular business needs can have a detrimental impact on the experience you provide to customers and eventually your bottom line. We help you not only find the right tech stack or optimize your existing platform, we also support you with designing an e-commerce and omnichannel experience that wows your customers and strengthens your bottom line. Recommendation: Start with an audit of your current e-commerce platform against your business goals to know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Martech Audit & Review | Strategy | Optimization

There are more than 7,000 martech solutions available which can make choosing the right stack and optimizing it for your business needs a nightmare. That’s why many marketing departments report a rather disappointing ROI on their martech investments. We help you design and implement a more pragmatic and results-focused approach to modern marketing technology, including recommendations for the tech solutions that fits your needs and implementation support for new systems. Recommendation: Start with an audit of your current marketing tech stack against your marketing goals to know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Software & Digital Product Development | Software Integration

While there are thousands of tech solutions available, many marketing departments struggle to get the most out of their tech stack or integrate individual applications with each other – making it often impossible to create personalized, consistent brand experiences for customers across channels and measuring the success of each omnichannel initiative. We help you integrate your scattered tech stack into one seamless solution that enables your team to design, run and measure campaigns effortlessly. Recommendation: Start with an expert review of your tech stack against your marketing goals to know exactly what’s working and what’s not.

Omnichannel Strategy | Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Strategy

Privacy concerns and ad fatigue are rapidly changing the digital marketing landscape. Are you prepared for a cookie-less future? And, for consumers expecting to find exactly what they want in all of your channels, online and offline? Altera’s marketing experts not only help you navigate the technology aspect of the rapidly changing digital & ecommerce marketing space but also consult with you on your overall omnichannel and customer experience strategy.

End-to-end Solution Implementation

No matter which part of your business you’re in, your people need applications to help them do their job faster, reduce their manual data input, have access to the right data, collaborate, and track their department performance. SaaS software has been booming over the last 20 years, from large ERPs to hyper function-specific solutions. This increased complexity, coupled with the inability for the IT department to understand the needs of each department, has led to roughly two paths: status quo or poor solution implementations leaving the end users disatisfied and the business issues unresovled.

Process Optimization

Manual redundant work is creeping organizations, taking away time that could be put to better use innovating or delivering value to your customers. Not to mention the morale cost on employees having to comply with heavy processes and other repetitive routines. It is time to embrace technology and put it at the service of your people. Technology can indeed support your organization by automating fully or partially your most redundant workflows, streamlining your business and allowing your team to dedicate their time to value-added tasks.

Data Intelligence

Companies face countless data issues. Data is often scattered across countless spreadsheets, making it inaccessible and opaque. It is siloed by departments working on systems that do not communicate with each other. Data is often inaccurate or incomplete, leading to costly business mistakes. Most reporting is still done manually with staff often having to copy and paste data from one place to another. And in many cases, management simply operates in the dark, without data at all. Now imagine a world where your people from field workers to executives have access to the data they need, at the time they need, with the granularity they need and with the ability to easily manipulate this data. It is time for your organization to enter the data era and have it serve its performance and growth.

Experts On Demand

TEAM AUGMENTATION & CONSULTING RETAINER Hiring experienced digital leaders who can drive your digital transformation, product development or e-commerce projects can be a nightmare in a talent-short market like Japan. Not to mention, the price tag they come with! But trying to do it without professional help doesn’t work either. Delays, inefficient processes, frustrated employees, wasted resources and failed projects are inevitable without having the right expertise and experience to lead your digital roadmap. Our Experts on Demand service can help you fill this gap! Rely on the support of our senior digital experts and deliver any project with confidence and ease.

Agile Transformation

Helping your workforce adjust to new working styles, technology or disruptions in your industry, can be a long painful process with no guarantee for success if you’re not having the right tools, mindset and processes in place. Agile principles have been developed to enable organizations to adjust quickly and nimbly to fast changing or complex environments while preserving resources, keeping employee engagement high and driving innovation along the way.

Verticals Serviced
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Jewelry
• Lifestyle


Japan's Digital Transformation: The Innovation Issue in The Software Space

Frederic Peyro is the CEO of Altera Consulting, a Digital Transformation consultancy helping organizations develop technology capabilities and realize their digital ambitions. In this YouTube video, Gaspard & Fred discuss Japan's innovation and how there is a misleveling around it. Japan has been a leader in technology and innovation for decades, but there are some misconceptions about its current state of innovation. Follow Frederic on LinkedIn:


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