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We are a full-service digital marketing firm specializing in all elements of search marketing and web design. Our mission is to help businesses achieve their online marketing goals by providing intelligent guidance and support based on research and experience; offering services based on sound theory and practice; and employing technology to streamline activities and empower organizations. Our Guiding Principles: - Provide sound, ethical advice regardless of how it affects our bottom line. - Avoid selling. Ask questions, analyze data, and propose only those services that will help our client succeed. - Never stop looking for innovative solutions. - Be a trusted partner to our clients. View our design portfolios to get a better feel for the quality of our work.



Developing successful digital marketing strategies is not an easy task. While the solutions that we implement for clients may be similar in nature, every program we design is unique because every business is unique. Some clients may benefit from a professional website that ranks well in the search engines while others require an inspiring blog that engages its users through social media and email marketing. Regardless, we aim to create a strategy that will achieve your goals.

Web Design

Although creating a basic website may be rather a straightforward process, we focus on developing sites that are not only professionally designed in accordance with best practices but that also... - Comply with the search engine ranking algorithms - Employ a logical user interface - Integrate with social media - Web Design Captiva Marketing - Provide effective landing pages for SEO and CPC advertising - Accomplish marketing and lead generation goals - Utilize forms that integrate with Google Analytics - Comply with multiple browsers and devices - Allow users with limited technical skills to edit and update the website quickly and easily

Search - SEO & PPC

It seems that every web design firm and ad agency these days is offering search engine marketing services. So what makes Captiva Marketing different? - Our senior managers have been optimizing websites since 1999. - We have been running cost per click advertising programs since popularized the concept and were some of the first in the country to use Google AdWords. - We run successful monthly programs for hundreds of clients and constantly monitor the ranking algorithms. - We utilize some of the most powerful SEO software in the industry. - We understand the ranking algorithms and utilize a wide variety of techniques to get websites to both rank well and comply with - Google's quality guidelines. Client Experience Our client experience ranges from optimizing simple static sites for small businesses to implementing comprehensive online marketing strategies for global corporations like Sanofi-Aventis and bioMerieux. Our eCommerce team has provided guidance to major online retailers like Eddie Bauer and as well as helped local St. Louis companies like Mary Engelbreit, Store Supply Warehouse, Antennas Direct and many others achieve rapid growth.

Outreach - Social Media, Public Relations, and More...

In the past, companies would run ads in newspapers or magazines, send direct mail or engage in many other activities to promote their products and services. Today, many of these traditional advertising methods are not capturing people’s attention. Instead... Today's consumers go online for information such as research, entertainment, shopping, communication, and social interaction. Our goal is to determine what channels are the best fit for your company and then set up and implement a strategy to attain these goals. These strategies typically require much more than just setting up and posting on Facebook or sending out tweets. Successful strategies typically integrate many facets of PR, Social Media, Email, and Content Generation that serve to increase awareness, generate leads, retain clients, encourage referral and help generate backlinks for SEO purposes. All of these elements can be pieces in your digital marketing strategy and can work together as part of a unified digital marketing strategy. The big challenge lies in determining what the blend should be and how to select and implement the key components for a successful outreach strategy. Because there is not a “one size fits all” or “correct” way to execute an outreach strategy, Captiva Marketing’s team can work closely with you to assist in developing a strategy, implementing it and even running it for you. Outreach strategies often include the following elements. - Public Relations (PR) - Social Media - Search Outreach - Media Monitoring Reputation Management - Blogging - Email Marketing - Advertising & Sponsorships

Print Design & Creative Services

Creating and implementing comprehensive digital marketing programs often requires an extensive amount of creative work. Captiva Marketing has a talented and experienced team to help with all of your creative needs. Graphic Design As our web design experience has increased over the past few years, so have our graphic design capabilities. Given the desire of most marketers to create a consistent look for their brand, our design team can ensure that your printed materials, logos and other collateral is consistent with your website, banner ads and any other online presence you may have. Multimedia Design Consumers today are bombarded with promotional messages in nearly every aspect of their lives. People need information quickly and easily. Dynamic multimedia presentations can help cut through this clutter and help you deliver a more powerful marketing message. Photography From editing your existing images and optimizing them for the web to staging on-location photo shoots, our in-house photography team can help with most of your static image needs. Video Production It goes without saying that to create videos or animated presentations, we often need raw video footage. Our talented staff is equipped with cameras, lighting and other equipment necessary to capture most of our client's video needs.

Web Development

Captiva's web development team specializes in creating database driven applications and other interactive tools that make our client's sites more engaging and useful to their customers. This team of programmers is experienced in all aspects of relational database design, eCommerce development, site architecture construction, and IT infrastructure implementation and support.

Verticals Serviced
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