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Over 200 successful eCommerce stores delivered to date. Our dedicated team of more than 20 eCommerce enthusiasts collaborates closely with retailers to strategize and execute eCommerce initiatives on state-of-the-art platforms, carefully selected to enhance and secure the future of both B2C and B2B online businesses. We are deeply immersed in the world of eCommerce, constantly exploring innovative technologies and expanding our understanding of how eCommerce shapes the daily operations of retailers. Our focus goes beyond simply launching visually appealing online stores; we work hand-in-hand with retailers to ensure that their stores excel in delivering core performance metrics. Whether it's fine-tuning conversion rates or implementing extensive integrations, we provide comprehensive support to retailers throughout their eCommerce journey.


BigCommerce Design

While BigCommerce provides a solid foundation, our team of skilled web designers can elevate your online presence. We offer a variety of design options to help you craft a distinctive identity. Whether you require minor adjustments or a comprehensive redesign, we'll collaborate with you to shape a tailored aesthetic for your brand. Our designers grasp the significance of initial interactions, and we're committed to ensuring your e-commerce site leaves an indelible mark.

Custom Development

Xeven Tech has a proven track record of constructing intricate and expansive solutions within the BigCommerce framework. Whether it's crafting a tailor-made BigCommerce theme equipped for multi-store functionality or B2C or B2B engineering customized features to meet your unique needs, our development approach is swift, resource-efficient, adaptable, and highly responsive. The DigitlHaus team boasts BIGDEV certification and remains up-to-date with the latest BigCommerce updates and enhancements.

Data / Platform Migration

Transitioning to BigCommerce from another platform can be a challenging endeavor, and we understand the complexities involved. That's why we provide comprehensive data migration services to simplify the process for you. Our expertise extends to handling migrations from a wide array of platforms, including entirely proprietary CMS systems. With our in-house data migration solutions, you can rest assured that every piece of your existing data will seamlessly find its new home on the BigCommerce platform.

API Integration Bigcommerce

BigCommerce boasts an impressively versatile API that can accomplish a multitude of tasks when harnessed effectively. Whether you're seeking to establish seamless connections between your store, distributors, and suppliers for inventory management or aiming to construct a fully customized system, we have the expertise to leverage the power of the BigCommerce API to significantly enhance your store's capabilities. If you have ambitious requirements that appear beyond the platform's capabilities, don't hesitate to reach out. Our Enterprise API development services can help turn your vision into reality.

B2B eCommerce

Xeven Tech strongly endorses BigCommerce's B2B Edition for businesses in the B2B sector seeking to upgrade their platform. This specialized edition of BigCommerce offers a comprehensive suite of pre-built B2B features and functionalities essential for the smooth operation of B2B stores. Leveraging these capabilities, Xeven Tech has crafted robust, agile, and user-friendly B2B solutions that not only boost product sales and lead generation but also drive increased customer sign-ups, elevate average order values, and provide effortless administrative control for data and functionality management

Headless Ecommerce Solutions

Xeven Tech is your go-to partner for elevating customer experiences on your BigCommerce store through a cutting-edge headless solution. As seasoned experts in headless ecommerce, we guide you in choosing the ideal Content Management System (CMS) to ensure the future-proofing of your ecommerce operations.

Search Engine Optimization

When embarking on the journey of re-platforming or custom-developing a new BigCommerce store, SEO plays a pivotal role. Xeven Tech recognizes the significance of SEO in this process and offers comprehensive technical on-page and off-page SEO support with every BigCommerce project. Our goal is to ensure that your store's SEO is finely tuned and operating at its peak performance. If you're looking to maximize your search traffic potential, we also offer customized SEO services and conduct in-depth audits, complete with recommended strategies to enhance your online visibility.

Support & Maintenance

Regardless of the size or scope of your BigCommerce project, whether it involves site optimizations, routine store maintenance, or ongoing monthly support, Xeven Tech offers flexible and hassle-free maintenance and support solutions. Depending on your specific needs, we can manage tasks and small projects through hourly blocks or a monthly retainer arrangement. When you engage with Xeven Tech, you gain a dedicated partner that seamlessly integrates with your team, allowing you to concentrate your efforts on what truly matters.

Verticals Serviced

• Art & Photography • Automotive • Beauty & Skincare • Books & Magazines • Business to Business (B2B) • Construction & Industrial • Consumer Electronics • Consumer Packaged Goods • Education • Fashion & Accessories • Food & Beverage • Gifts & Collectibles • Health & Wellness • Home & Interiors • Jewelry • Lifestyle • Media & Entertainment • Pets • Service-Based Industries • Sports & Equipment • Stationary & Office Supplies • Tactical & Firearms • Toys & Games

Verticals Serviced
• Art & Photography
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Construction & Industrial
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Lifestyle
• Media & Entertainment
• Service-Based Industries
• Sports & Equipment
• Stationary & Office Supplies
• Tactical & Firearms
• Toys & Games



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