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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the process of ensuring that technical on-site elements of a webpage are configured to maximise the potential organic visibility in search engines. This includes making sure the website can be crawled easily and has an architecture best fitting to user experience and entity classifications. The practice of technical SEO itself is concerned with web technology factors that directly impact a search engine’s ability to crawl, render and index a website — which ultimately impacts on a site’s ability to rank for relevant keywords in search engines. Google’s process of ranking a website can be broken down into four stages: • Crawl • Render • Index • Rank Technical SEO concerns itself with ensuring a website can be crawled easily, rendered by search engines, allowing for more accurate indexing. Once this has been achieved, Google can attribute and weight it’s many “ranking factors” to your webpage (and website) to determine a ranking for user queries.

SEO Strategy

An SEO strategy is the planning of what you want to achieve through your organic search channel on a KPI-led basis — also, the planning of what SEO activities will be required to achieve these KPIs. It is fundamentally the process of ensuring that all SEO activities that are undertaken have a set purpose and that the findings from these activities can be applied in achieving your KPIs. PLAN > ACTION > REVIEW > REVISIT

International SEO

International Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the process of optimising a website so that search engines can identify which language and country it wishes to target. Great international SEO doesn’t come from translations and being multilingual, but from combining a business-wide holistic marketing strategy with technical excellence.

Specialist eCommerce SEO Agency

eCommerce search engine optimisation impacts the organic (non-paid) search visibility of a website to positively influence the number of products sold online. SEO for eCommerce brands includes optimising websites for a variety of on-page and off-page factors, these can include: • Creating a robust website architecture. • Implementing facet navigation best practice. • Applying image SEO best practices. • Providing a fast and frictionless shopping experience across multiple devices. • Gaining links from a variety of relevant and trusted sources. The days of putting keywords on a page and pointing backlinks at them have been gone for a long time — SEO for eCommerce is about optimisation, not manipulation.

Enterprise Local SEO Solutions

Our specialist technical and enterprise SEO knowledge enables us to ensure our clients achieve their potential through local intent search queries. From working with international retail chains, UK high-street retailers, and numerous regional-based businesses, we've helped enterprises of all sizes reach their local SEO goals — driving both leads and footfall. Strategic Local SEO Approach No two local SEO campaigns are the same, which is why our approach and strategy for each local SEO campaign is bespoke to the client's objectives. We achieve this by combining years of experience across our SEO specialists, optimizing for large enterprises, household brands, and SMEs, and through our award-winning approach to innovative problem-solving.

SEO Website Migrations

SEO migrations differs from project to project, but overall, they include ensuring every reasonable step is taken to eliminate the risk of losing traffic from organic search: • A technical SEO specification for the new website at the planning stage (recommended) • Technical SEO audit of the new website • Organic keyword ranking checks before and after migration • Google Search Console & Bing Webmaster Tools configuration • Project management • URL structure analysis and management (if necessary) A new website should, in the vast majority of cases, mean an uplift in organic search traffic, if done to SEO best practice, taking advantage of new technology, combined with better design, and user experience (UX). It is also a good idea that the SEO migration is carried out by an independent stakeholder in the development. Our experience over the years suggests design & development agencies simply don’t have the necessary specialist knowledge, skills, or time to complete a risk-free SEO migration and at least maintain, if not grow, your organic traffic.

Organic Traffic Drop Audit

A sudden drop in traffic can happen for a multitude of reasons and have happened to some of the biggest brands on the planet. The team at are experts in identifying the causes of traffic loss via thorough and intelligent audits using some of our latest inhouse software.

SEO Content Analysis & Strategy

Whether you’re an eCommerce site needing conversions or a publisher yearning for high-quality traffic, will provide you with a comprehensive content strategy in line with the latest technical insight to provide the content framework you need for success within search engines. Content is an integral element of technical SEO. With the significant advancements in algorithms and artificial intelligence used to judge websites, creating and fine-tuning specific types of content is an integral step for the longevity of all sites. This is why we encourage any business to invest in a comprehensive and technically backed content analysis in addition to technical SEO to achieve maximum impact.

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