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Winner of the 2017 BigCommerce international “Agency Innovation Award” and a 2018 BigCommerce “Design Award” finalist, we're a full-service agency that has built over 500 SaaS e-Commerce sites. Brand Labs is a full-service digital agency that offers you over a dozen years of award-winning experience to help you succeed in four main areas: 1. Building eCommerce experiences for high-growth merchants; 2. Custom Development to enhance both the look and feature set of your website; 3. Marketing services driving qualified traffic and increase conversion rates; 4. Digital Strategy and Analytics ensuring every aspect of your business converts sales. Since 2006, we've provided an unparalleled experience with site design, build, marketing services and strategy to help brands successfully tell their story online.



We embrace design as a strategic solution, not simply as an aesthetic. Design helps us solve problems while improving your user’s digital experiences. We believe that your site’s function and aesthetic should be so closely connected that “functional design” and “aesthetic design” become one and the same. A site designed and built by Brand Labs is elegantly simple no matter the technical complexity and delivers a stellar user experience for the customer. (Brand Labs is a finalist for the 2018 “Design Award” for a site we built and launched in 2017).


Our in-house development team works closely with our creative team and site Strategists to build websites that operate at peak performance. From general best practices to site speed and search-ability, we hold ourselves to delivering development work that meets the highest industry standards. We have a 12+ year track record of brainstorming, scoping and building complex custom solutions and platform enhancements to meet our clients' unique business requirements. Our team interacts directly with your team to maximize efficiency from kick-off through launch to make sure that your custom development goals are accomplished. (Brand Labs was awarded the BigCommerce “Agency Innovation Award” in 2017 based on the success of a sophisticated custom discounting tool developed for one of our clients).

Digital Marketing

Our marketing team embraces the power of collective impact through an aggressive multi-channel approach. Brand Labs' methodologies have provided exponential growth for our clients by building brand awareness and driving profitable revenue. Our experience has shown that a Brand Labs’ customized grouping of marketing channels will deliver highly qualified / highly converting traffic for your site. This holistic, multi-channel approach to online marketing has provided our clients with their most significant return on investment.

Strategy & Analytics

Strategy helps us deliver a better Return On Investment (ROI) for you. Our in-house Strategists get to know your business, uncover opportunities, address challenges and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your site and all active marketing channels are in perfect unison. Brand Labs uses Google Analytics to inform, measure and improve our client's sites and marketing campaigns. The challenge many brands face today is properly leveraging analytics data to derive actionable insights. The solution provided by Brand Labs is to clearly measure all marketing channels and provide powerful insights to fuel business growth. Brand Labs unleashes the power of SEM, SEO, Social, and display by understanding the data flowing from your site through Google Analytics, then maximizing strategies and tactics based on that data.

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