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For more than 14 years, our proven process of unraveling the UX and functionality requirements upfront sets us apart as the agency that delivers a seamless experience for our clients and partners. We learned early on what makes business work: Solving the UX experience by completely understanding end-user motivation. From this, beauty is born. User-centric design that enhances front-end experience and development that unleashes backend performance. All in-house. Integrated or stand-alone. From experts who know the importance of success. Make Digital Count with Brand Labs.


Deep Dive Discovery

Over the past 14+ years, we’ve learned a lot. Most importantly, we've learned that the best surprise is no surprise! By starting with a Discovery Phase, it allows your team, as well as, our team to provide the optimum solution to identify your pain points and needs with clear expectations. When there's minimal clarity around deliverables all parties are left open for out-of-scope costs throughout the project, which is never fun! Our philosophy is Discovery Drives Strategy...Strategy Drives Creative and Development Requirements. We'll work hand-in-hand with your team to understand and build the foundation of both strategic and functionality requirements during the Discovery Phase to enable two things: 1. Create UX Wireframes (example: Home Page, Category Page, Product Page) 2. Create your Project Blueprint: Using your approved UX Wireframes to provide Implementation Deliverables, Timeline and Costs through a detailed Project Plan and Proposal! (Here's where we're really aiding in minimizing those pesky out-of-scope costs by creating a seamless design and build process.) We often refer to the Discovery Phase as our "dating" period - we'll get to know each other before our anticipated engagement.

Incredible UX

A rich frontend. A hearty backend. And a gooey, satisfying center. This is how we like to serve up our development. The closer we can zoom in on business objectives and understanding the user experience, the better the outcome, and why Brand Labs invests heavily in unraveling the UX experience upfront. The results speak for themselves. Sites that convert customers by delivering exactly what they’re looking for, when they’re looking for it, seamlessly, intelligently and efficiently. All from in-house strategists, designers, developers and innovators who on their worst day are experts and web whisperers the other 365.

Smart Web Development

Can you hear that? We can. Your website has a lot to say. Good thing Brand Labs speaks digital. We have a 14+ year track record of strategizing, scoping and building complex custom solutions, platform enhancements, site migrations, app integrations, SEO migration retention and SEO technical fixes (to name a few) to meet our clients’ unique business requirements. Our developer gurus interact directly with our clients to maximize efficiency from discovery through launch and beyond.

Solid eCommerce Design

Though it’s really first, we put it last. As we like to say, unravel the UX and solve the development. From this, beauty is born. That beauty is the look and feel of the site. Each one is unique. Each one tells its own story. Each one a work of art that connects with the end user on a personalized, intimate level.

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• Electronics
• Home/Garden
• Sports/Outdoors
• Wholesale/Manufacturing



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