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EMPOWERING ECOMMERCE SUCCESS We’re an international ecommerce agency working for businesses wanting to grow their digital revenue profitably. We work with retailers, DTC brands, B2B organisations as well as other digital agencies. NOT JUST KNOWING, BUT THE KNOW-HOW OF DOING We know what works. It’s not just because we have years of experience formulating successful strategies, but the fact that we have executed those strategies to deliver business growth. We are experts in Strategy & Consultancy, Management & Governance, Website Build and Growth & Acceleration.



NOT JUST KNOWING, BUT THE KNOW-HOW OF DOING We know what works. It’s not just because we have years of experience formulating successful strategies, but the fact that we have executed those strategies to deliver business growth across the digital ecosystem. At the centre of every successful strategy we have created is a marrying of business requirements balanced against a deep understanding of your customers. Delivering a cohesive customer experience that delights at every touchpoint provides the foundation for creating successful profitable growth. UBQ’s digital strategy helps our clients to understand where to focus their efforts and how to achieve a return on investment in the quickest and most effective manner. What changes are needed and what is the roadmap to get there? Capability, culture and technology are considered along with collaborative stakeholder management. We have the expertise and capability to ensure your goals are met. Through analysis and collaboration, we work with you to understand the constraints of time, scope and budget. We provide a blend of analysis, insights, options and recommendations to accelerate your business. Typical strategy and consultancy services will usually include (but are not limited to): • Ecommerce Sales & Growth Strategy • Project Definition & Brief Writing • International Trading • Marketplace Evaluation • Team Evaluation & Structure


THINK LIKE A CLIENT, DELIVER LIKE AN AGENCY We understand that delivering a large transformation or migration can take valuable resources away from trading and business as usual tasks. Aligning the board, internal departments, partners and technology suppliers to a common goal is no easy task. Our processes, procedures and client and agency experience ensure that you get the best out of all your teams to ensure a successful project delivery. We seamlessly integrate in to your team to ensure your ecommerce project runs on time and on budget. Our collaborative approach ensures all stakeholders have a clear line of communication, budgets are transparently managed and our hands-on approach and extensive experience means we can handle problems with effective outcomes before they become showstoppers. Our tried and tested experiences can support your project in numerous ways: • Board & Senior Stakeholder Steering • Agency & SI Management • Strategic Insights & Practical Advice • Trouble Shooting & Firefighting • Budgeting, Negotiation & Cost Control


A SAFE PAIR OF HANDS TO DELIVER FUTURE-PROOFED ECOMMERCE AMBITIONS we’ve been there, done that for enterprise businesses, SMEs and everything in between. Our founders have over 50 years’ experience of delivering websites that trade all over the world. We are platform agnostic and can recommend the right technology, user experience and feature-function set, stitching them all together to create a website that is future-proofed and ready to exceed your business and customer requirements. Our role doesn’t end at project launch (unless you want it to). UBQ offer a range of growth and acceleration services to support your business. • Discovery & Platform Selection • Functional Requirements & Build • Design & CX • Platform Migrations • Integrations


DELIVERING SUSTAINABLE DIGITAL GROWTH & PERFORMANCE We are able to support you in the growth of your digital platform. UBQ provide analytics, digital marketing and commercialisation of your site. In effect we can be your outsourced online trading team, supporting and collaborating with you every step of your digital acceleration process. Our work is measurable, transparent and aligned to business and customer needs with data at its heart – with the sole purpose of driving growth, acceleration and revenue. Our best results are achieved when our Growth & Acceleration services are conducted in tandem with a full understanding of other marketing activities. Collaboration helps deliver a holistic growth strategy. • Digital Marketing Strategy & Research • Data & Analytics • Paid Media • SEO • Content


YOUR AGENCY'S SUPER HERO We can work on behalf of your client to get the project kicked off and on track – allowing you to focus on delivering on time and on budget. Months of preparations has finally resulted in the client kicking off the project. But for some reason, things are not moving quite so quickly and this has resulted in the project slowing down. The most common issues are: • client resources are already stretched and there is nobody immediately available to appoint to the project • concern that focusing on a large transformation project might impact trading • lack of skill-set internally to manage a project of this nature • no client-side PMO • limited internal alignment and buy-in to both the project and the agency partner appointed to deliver it UBQ are the ecommerce specialists you need within your clients’ organisation to get the project kicked off and on track. Our blend of client and agency experience plus track record of delivering large ecommerce projects puts us in a unique position. We support your clients to successfully deliver. Using our detailed management and governance procedures allows you to focus on delivering the project in a timely and profitable way. We are your single point of contact within the client organisation. UBQ will ensure that communication remains consistent, clear and concise, supporting in the decision making process while helping to safeguard your positive relationship with the client throughout. We are employed by your client. This retains our status as independent consultants and allows us to be firm but fair with our decision making and recommendations. UBQ can help to: • get your project on track • solve client resource and knowledge short-comings • ensure you receive clear decision making and direction from your client • maintain project profitability • support in trouble shooting and overcoming project obstacles

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• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Fashion & Accessories
• Health & Wellness
• Lifestyle
• Toys & Games




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