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idhl works with clients and partners to accelerate growth through digital performance.  Comprising of three divisions, services span performance, web & eCommerce and intelligence. With nearly 400 digital experts, we have unparalleled in-house expertise alongside a closely curated list of partners who can take your performance to the next level.  ‌Our web & eCommerce division specialises in creating truly exceptional websites across a diverse range of industries. With a team of over 150 experts, we help you through the journey from research and discovery to design and build, ultimately delivering you with a website set up for success. Working with the best in the business, our ecosystem of partners allows us to implement personalised integrations, drive customer lifetime value and improve user experience.


Research and Strategy

Do you have ambitions but you’re unsure how to achieve them? We can help you understand the opportunities and challenges of eCommerce. Digging for real business insight, we build strategic and easy to follow growth plans that underpin your project, no matter the size of your business. Research is always our starting point. It underpins all that we do and exactly how we are going to do it. Asking you the right questions through a range of conversations and workshops gives us the right information. This is a chance to really think about what your current website does for your business and what you want your new website to do. We want to know it all! That’s why we consider the bigger picture as well as the nitty-gritty details of your brand.


Whether you’re migrating from a different platform or building a new website from scratch, our BigCommerce developers can take the stress out of the process and create the website your business needs. We believe a migration shouldn’t be full of headaches and roadblocks. Taking you from discovery to go-live with practical steps, if you’re thinking of making the move, our expert team are on hand to walk you through it while considering the extras like apps and integrations along the way.

Design and UX

Your brand is like no other. As the digital face of your business, your website needs to do a good job of reflecting this. When it comes to eCommerce, our design and UX team know what they’re doing. Considering devices, UX requirements and taking the time to understand your users’ behaviour, we collaborate with you to generate results that are true to your brand. Taking our research and combining it with eCommerce trends, we understand how customers interact with your brand. We improve UX to encourage conversions while also considering functionality and UI psychology. Our designs are always done with purpose. Blending the research together, we deliver a website designed for your customers. Through user testing and auditing, we ensure your design is the best it can be to drive the best experience for your users.

Support and Retainers

Your website doesn’t stop at go-live and neither does our support. You can rest easy in the hands of our team, with a dedicated support desk and retainer packages designed to suit every need. Struggling with your site’s performance? As a support agency and technically focused team, we take an iterative approach to remove the hassle out of your growth, help you scale your store and ensure your site is always stable.

BigCommerce Apps

To keep up with customers today, your website needs certain capabilities – something we can help you take care of with the BigCommerce Marketplace. Whether it’s personalisation, payments and security, merchandising, analytics, shipping and fulfilment or customer service, there’s something for everything. As a BigCommerce development agency, we can help you choose the apps your website needs that will deliver an enhanced user experience in line with your business ambitions. If you can’t find what you need on the Marketplace, BigCommerce provides custom apps for bespoke functionality – something our experts can lend a helping hand with.




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