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Our successes in helping organisations thrive lie in the fact that we are a full service creative agency. By looking deeper into your audiences, developing your brand and communication we create not just technically brilliant ecommerce but a website that works for your whole tribe - even the often overlooked marketing managers, warehouse team or recruitment experts in your business. We can help with everything - your brand and communication, technical scoping, complex automation (you need that stock level updating from some weird archaic ERP? No problem), multi-channel marketing, design, animation and user experience. We can even write your copy, photograph your products and film your ads.



Branding is not simply logo design. It’s way more than just creating a stunning visual identity. It’s about growing a reputation in the hearts and minds of your audience. A branding strategy will help you reframe your organisation both internally and externally. It will transform your company into a professional, coherent and trusted brand that people will come back to again and again. Our brand strategy comprises a series of workshops in which we delve deep to get to the nitty gritty of your brand aspirations. To get the best out of your workshops, we recommend doing them in person, but we can do them online if needed. Ideally, we want a broad sampling of people from your organisation to attend the workshops, so that we can understand the meaning of your brand from all perspectives. It's also vital that the key decision maker attends the whole workshop series. In the workshops, we work closely with you and your team to determine the best direction for your new brand, focusing on your "why" message, and making a meaningful connection with your audience through visuals, communication and key touchpoints. Following the workshops, we enter a design phase in which we develop your brand through a series of stages. You will be involved in each stage and given the opportunity to review and provide feedback regularly. Our maxi brand strategy comprises five day-long workshops, but depending on your budget and timescales, we can tailor a workshop programme to suit you. Lunch and refreshments are provided. Depending on your budget and the scope of the project, we'll recommend either a maxi or mini branding project. We can also help you rebrand.


Collaborating with our experts can help you understand your business better, identify goals, find and resolve issues and build a better future. Fun, interactive, creative days. Get a fresh perspective, brainstorm ideas, collaborate with our team. Includes real things you can take away, plus a free lunch. Sometimes finding your purpose or goal and getting everyone following the same vision can be challenging on your own. Our workshops are designed to bring your team together, create focus and improve understanding. They are a mixture of learning and collaborative exercised that have been proven to help change and grow organisations. We can help you build meaningful goals, find your brand voice and revolutionise the way you interact with your customers. Our technical workshops can help you properly scope complex web design projects, apps or other software. Our workshops are designed to supplement the skills you have by offering collaborative exercises with our experts in design, branding, UX, UI, and technology. We mostly do the workshop in person here at RMHQ, but we can we also run remote sessions. We connect your team with the experts you need and run proven exercises to deliver results. We have 5 full workshops that form part of our full brand strategy. We can also spend time with you to help build your marketing strategy, starting with meaningful goals all the way to how to use modern technology to deliver OKRs and KPIS. We have workshops designed to help you build a killer web brief so that you get the website you and your customers deserve. And, our favourite, is a free 1 hour workshop. We launched these during Covid to help organisations talk to us about, well anything really. Not sure how to sell online? You have systems falling over? Lost customers? Brand advice?

Web design

It's likely to be your most important touchpoint. One of the first things your customers will see. Getting it right is paramount. From visual identity, to user experience, to technical functionality, your website has to knock their socks off. Great web design can improve your brand, engage with your audience, impact your team and help grow your business. Creating engaging content and using online marketing to connect that killer content with your perfect audience can radically change your organisation, help achieve your goals and build great relationships. With a good foundation of SEO, your website content can grow your audience through organic search. If your website, content and branding are on point, those new audiences might choose to stick with you. Additional functionality such as animation, event booking, live chat and augmented reality can transform a simple website into a marketing tool that will change the way your customers interact with you. A good website should primarily serve your customers, but a great website can also revolutionise your business and help your team. It can help manage and convert enquiries, recruit the best talent, build communities and become a central pillar in your technical stack. We always start with audiences and users (what's the difference?). Why? Because your website exists for them. It can be easy to forget this and design a website for yourself, but that won't connect with or function for the people who really matter. We create use cases, which detail every expectation and need your website's users have. From here we are able to develop the UX (user experience) to satisfy each "must have" use case. We do this work in a design environment before we start coding, because it's much easier to tweak the design than it is to rewrite the code. Then the designers hand over to the developers, who create the website in a staging environment using the chosen platform. After a phase of testing, we set the site live.


Ecommerce is perhaps your most valuable touchpoint and important investment, especially if you're looking to transact online. We’ve helped companies hit their turnover goals, grow their audiences, build their brands and reduce their admin pains. As a certified Big Commerce partner, we can help with ecommerce solutions of all scales. In order to keep up with the expectations of your audience and stay a step ahead of your competitors, you can't get left behind. Online shoppers are a growing, and increasingly sophisticated and demanding, audience. They want what you're selling, but they won't put up with a sub-par shopping experience. If you offer them that, they will shop elsewhere. An amazing ecommerce store can be the difference between failure and success. Look at the brands that do it well and those that don't. If you want to be in the big league, you need to play with big balls. Ultimately, shopping should be more than a transaction. It should be an experience. Something that's easy, fun and rewarding. Something that's trustworthy, reassuring and secure. Build this, and your customers will keep coming back to you, again and again. We always start with the audience and users. In fact we have a workshop designed to draw out all of the key information that we need to start building a great user experience (UX). Whether we are migrating your existing ecommerce or building something from scratch, our approach is to work in close partnership to deliver everything from scope to design, and from development to the all important SEO and online marketing. We can handle the whole ecommerce build or complement your team. We work best when we create meaningful, fun and active partnerships. Knowing what skills your team has means that we can fit in to provide technical or creative expertise where you need it.

Online marketing

Online marketing is the practice of advertising your organisation using internet technologies. It has replaced print, TV and radio advertising as the most important and prominent method of advertising for almost every business in the world. It's a vast topic, because the internet is a vast place. What's important is building a strategy that will bring you results. This is all about understanding your audience and strategically deploying budget and activity in the right directions and with the right content to get the best engagement. This can take time to get right. Internet marketing (or online marketing) is essential to help your business or organisation grow and engage. It is the single most important advertising activity a modern organisation can do in today's predominantly digital market. It can help you reach some sales goals, improve your reputation, develop your brand recognition and loyalty, bring in better customers, launch a product, explain a service, or improve fundraising. It could even completely change the culture of your business or organisation. The benefits of good online marketing are as great as your vision. If you’re randomly posting on social, trying to win #1 in Google, and losing money on PPC then you are probably suffering from a lack of focus. A good online marketing strategy should help you realise your goals and dreams. Focusing on your organisation's OKRs and creating a plan is a great place to start. To understand the size and opportunities of ‘all things online marketing’ you could check out the PESO model. It’s not a bad overview of the different approaches, activities or services that you can adopt. But be wary of your budgets. It is often better to focus on specific areas at first. There are also some great tools and resources to get you started if you’re trying to do this on your own. Or, you can partner with an agency like us to help.


Animation is a powerful tool that allows us to tell brand stories, and communicate emotions in a memorable, concise and easy-to-understand manner. Animations are proven to engage audiences more effectively than static images and can significantly improve the effectiveness of your online marketing. You might want to choose animation if you’re looking to raise brand awareness, explain a process to your audience, or launch new products. Uploading well crafted animations to digital platforms, in an age of heavy content consumerism, gives you a better chance to get people to stop scrolling and take notice, and ultimately increase your digital sales. We will kick off our animation project by discussing with you your goals and budgets. Depending on how much budget you have, we will recommend the right type of animation for you. We will discuss the purpose of the animation, such as where it will live, who the target audience is, what the main message we want to convey is, and so on. It’s important to fully understand why we’re creating this animation before we get started. From there on we will collate ideas for the style, find a few potential soundtracks, and write a first draft script for the piece. Once those are approved, we will refine the script and create a storyboard to go alongside it. A storyboard is a document with roughly sketched out visuals to match the script. It helps us visualise how the final animation will play out. We will then start designing the characters and/or graphic elements that will be later animated. Once the designs and style are signed off, we will deliver a 6 second fully-refined sample to showcase exactly how the final animation will end up looking. When the 6 second sample is signed off, we will proceed to create a first cut of the animation. Finally, we will collate your feedback and deliver the final cut.


Video is an unrivalled storytelling medium, capable of invoking emotions, communicating values and engaging audiences in ways that other content cannot. Bringing your vision and mission to life, video should be inspiring as well as informative, entertaining as well as educational. We work with you to produce videos which actually sell. Starting with what you’re trying to achieve and your budget, we’ll help steer your video in the right direction. Video marketing is great for telling your brand story, connecting with your audience, encouraging engagement and shares, explaining your product or service. Market analysts believe that video is one of the most important and effective tools in marketing today. Video is a powerful asset for making sales, improving audience understanding and generating new leads, and its popularity and success is constantly increasing. Combined with a social media campaign using platforms relevant to your audience, video content can grow your audience, convert leads and even go viral. Depending on your budget we’ll start with a briefing chat or full day strategy workshop. We'll start by understanding your goals. Then we’ll help choose a style and then work on the messaging. Our in-house writing team will also help create scripts and together we’ll work on storyboards. We’ll then plan your shoot days with all the latest cinematic camera gear, and TV professionals, to make a stunning result. Our video project lead Chris Goor has worked on large scale TV events for over 25 years, so can pull in any extra talent or kit as necessary. From a prompting setup to camera cranes, we can source it all. We also have our own video and photography studio here in Nottingham. After the shoot, we’ll stitch your video together in our edit suites adding any necessary graphics, music and voiceover on the way.


With our professional photographers, equipment and photo studio, we have everything you need to capture the perfect snaps for your brand. Good photography can make or break a brand - it can turn a bland brand into an engaging one, it can make the social media scrollers stop in their tracks and it reassures your audience you are genuine and trustworthy. That’s why photography is so important for your business. There's an art to taking a great photo, whether it's a simple product shot on white, or a stunning lifestyle image for your website. There are so many things to consider, including composition, style and editing. Not everyone can do it well, and poor quality photography will really drag down your brand image. Every photography project is unique. We firstly start by discussing your goals and budget, as these elements might affect the approach we take. Understanding the purpose of these images and how they will be presented to your audience is also considered in our planning. We will then talk about your brand and audience to establish a creative direction through mood boards. This is when we finalise the image styles you are after and direction of the shoot. We will then work towards your deadline and schedule in the shoot days, whether they are in our studio or on location. We will also recommend that you join us for the shoot for input on the day - however, this is entirely optional. On the shoot day, we will adapt to weather, adjust lighting, ensure background and sets are as planned, and so on. Next up is post-production, you can sit back and relax whilst we go through the images and edit them to suit your creative direction. All of these edited images will be shared with you. Once the images have been signed off, you will receive all the raw and edited files packaged up and ready to go!

Graphics & illustration

Beautiful layouts, bespoke iconography, hand-drawn illustration, 3D renders - creating amazing visual content is one of the things that will set you apart from your competitors. We can help you develop your brand's visual style and build a content library to provide you with a range of assets for your digital and print marketing. Graphic design and illustration strengthen your brand and values, connecting you with your audience by giving your shared beliefs and compelling content a visual identity. While there are some great free and paid stock assets out there - such as layout templates and vector graphics - it's always better to have something that was made specifically for you. This is because we can tailor your assets to match your brand identity and the message you want to put out. Getting bespoke graphics and illustration will set you apart from your competitors and make you look more competent and professional, thus developing trust in your customers. Our graphic design services are usually used by customers who have an ongoing marketing retainer with us, giving us scope to create new assets for their marketing campaigns. However, we can also provide these services to help you achieve a standalone project. We'll start by having a chat with you to understand what the purpose of your design piece is. Who is it for, where will it live, how do we want your audience to feel, what is the main intended message, what is the call to action, and so on. Once we decide on the type of design work that is needed and we have discussed its purpose, we will create a design brief. This document will help keep both you and us on track as we assess the final designs later down the line. Following the design brief, we then design or illustrate your piece, which we then review against the brief to make sure we have delivered everything that both parties agreed to.

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