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O2 Commerce is a full-service agency specialized in the development and performance of integrated, scalable and innovative ecommerce solutions for B2B and B2C. With over 2 decades of experience, we have been collaborating with forward-thinking companies think, build, run and scale their ecommerce ecosystems for today’s challenging marketplace. Convinced that a solid e-commerce foundation is the first step towards growth, we work hand in hand with our clients to develop the strategies and actions necessary to drive their growth to the next level. We have only one goal: to help our customers build and scale their e-commerce ecosystem to achieve their growth objectives.


Technology Strategy

Working hand in hand with our clients, we develop strategic technological roadmaps for their e-commerce websites that will grow as they evolve and drive results while reducing dependencies to existing systems.

Digital Strategy

We help clients develop e-commerce growth-oriented strategies by putting their clients at the center and map their market opportunities to reach their objectives. Having an ROI first mindset, our strategists help you prioritize your tactics and investments.

UX / UI Strategy

UX/UI is at the cross of creativity, information architecture, design and functionality. We strongly believe a well thought out UX/UI strategy will not only deliver a great experience, it will also convert!

Commerce Experience

Using best in class e-commerce platforms, we help simplify the discovery, integration and implementation of a scalable commerce experience. We challenge our clients to think further, have a human first approach and streamline their processes to drive growth.

PWA & microservice architecture

In a mobile first world, speed and ease of use are now the main driver of conversion. PWA (Progressive Web App) is a framework for building e-commerce websites that look, feel and perform like native apps on mobile platforms while also functioning like regular websites on standard browsers. Flexibility and efficiency guaranteed!

Composable commerce & microservices architecture

We believe that the future of e-commerce lies in headless and microservices architectures. This new approach gives you the flexibility to use the best available platforms, maximize performance and offer customers a unique and inspiring shopping experience. Count on our specialists to help you develop a microservices architecture and integrate it into your ecosystem while ensuring your platforms are scalable.

Product Information Management

Many businesses have a large product catalogue and need the flexibility to enrich their product experience. Our specialists help our clients create the right roadmap, integrations, workflows and product structure leverage all the flexibility PIMs offer. Imagine finally being able to share your product information easily across your teams, platforms, marketplaces and clients!

APIs & System Integration

We strongly believe in using the best-in-class technology to meet our client’s needs while integrating their current systems. Our team of architects and developers leverage APIs in creative ways to build flexible connections for our clients. Reliable, real time, risks free data flow for a true efficient ecosystem.

Cloud Infrastructure

While we work with every major cloud partner, we carefully build environments fit for our clients’ needs. Performance starts with the proper sets of tools in the cloud environment.

Revenue & Performance Optimizations

Knowing there is a method in improving your platform’s revenue (CRO) and your AOV has been transformative for our clients. In partnership with your team, we analyze, measure and create a tailored roadmap to increase your KPIs. Limit the guesswork!

Business Analytics

Measure twice and cut once is the best image to explain why having the right data can make all the difference. Unlock the possibilities today’s analytics tools and dashboards allow you to seize. Own your data!

Email Marketing & Automation

Tricky tool yet essential for businesses nowadays, marketing automation should be a top priority for you. With your objectives in mind, we help you leverage your database to create a killer segmentation, identify the right opportunities and nurture leads into customers!


An e-commerce platform is only as good as what you put in it! Our experts who have implemented the best-in-class solutions will help you identify your business requirements and get a clear strategy on how to leverage them. Increase your customers’ LTV efficiently.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Construction & Industrial
• Consumer Electronics
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Lifestyle
• Service-Based Industries
• Sports & Equipment
• Stationary & Office Supplies
• Toys & Games
• Vape & CBD



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