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At SVA, we empower small to mid-sized companies to harness the full potential of technology and drive growth. By rapidly creating sleek, high-performing eCommerce platforms, we connect you with more consumers, bolster your sales, and help you tap into emerging markets. Merge all facets of your business with our integrated ERP and eCommerce solution. Experience seamless real-time management across order, supply chain, inventory, accounting, CRM, and more with our Acumatica ERP-BigCommerce integration.


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From design to deployment, we offer a turnkey solution. 1. Tailored Templates: Benefit from ready-to-use templates that provide a seamless starting point, ensuring a fast launch with best practices in place. 2. Expert Design Team: Our dedicated team captures the unique essence of your brand, delivering a look & feel that resonates with your target audience. 3. Effortless Migration: Transition smoothly from your old site, ensuring no disruption while maximizing the benefits of modern design and functionality. 4. Backend Mastery: Experience in-depth configuration of essential backend features & portals, enhancing site performance and user experience. 5. Seamless Integration: Our expertise ensures a tight-knit eCommerce-ERP integration, maximizing efficiency and data accuracy. 6. In-house Developers for Custom Needs: Address unique business requirements with our on-staff developers, ensuring your site perfectly aligns with your needs. 7. Comprehensive Training & Piloting: Empower your team with tailored training sessions, ensuring they're well-equipped to manage and optimize the platform. 8. Dedicated Go-live Support: Transition with confidence. Our team provides robust support during the launch phase and remains a trusted partner thereafter. 9. Proactive Growth Strategies: Stay ahead of the curve. We continuously identify areas for optimization, ensuring your platform grows and evolves with market trends. 10. Industry-Leading Partnerships: Leverage our strong relationships with leading industry and third-party solutions, bringing the best of the digital world to your doorstep.

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