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Amitech Group delivers internationally, enabling clients to effortlessly launch robust eCommerce platforms and drive economic opportunities, from day one: B2B-specialized ◦ 100% returning client rate ◦ 40+ successful projects ◦ 15+ years of eCommerce expertise. 🔸Signature products - We focus on crafting and fine-tuning vendor-neutral modular eCommerce acceleration tools enabling: Headless/microservices architecture ◦ Cloud-native SaaS ◦ API-first design. 🔹Verticals range: eCommerce ◦ Foodservice ◦ Manufacturing ◦ Chemicals ◦ Retail. 🔸Client issues resolution at scale: New product development ◦ Engineering with accelerator tools ◦ Internal project or team extension ◦ Code refactoring ◦ Replatforming/migration/optimization ◦ Integration with existing infrastructure ◦ Continuous technology improvement


🛒 eCommerce Development

  • Technology audit and improvement advisory
  • Headless/composable eCommerce solution development
  • Mobile and web platforms support
  • Managed cloud services integration
  • Brand identity and UI/UX design
  • Dedicated CTO upon request

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🔄 Software Migration

  • Cloud infrastructure engineering
  • Migration, deployment, and support
  • Monolith/legacy to microservices migration
  • Scaling and performance improvement
  • eCommerce workflow optimization
  • TCO and infrastructure cost reduction

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🔍 eCommerce Consulting

  • Data-enabled research
  • Early-stage ideation
  • Digital transformation
  • Digital commerce implementation planning
  • Omnichannel support strategizing
  • Agile transformation
  • Dedicated Product Owner upon request

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💡 Digital Customer Experience Strategy

  • R&D-enabled CX design
  • Accessible content
  • Easily navigable user journey
  • Stable performance, instant checkout
  • Personalized responsive UI
  • Regulations-compliant data security

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Verticals Serviced
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Consumer Packaged Goods
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness



Unbelievably Composable eCommerce Accelerator, B2B and B2C

Imagine building a jaw-dropping B2B or B2C website… in a day! Ask no more—the underlying magic is in the video. Within this live product test drive, we build a beautiful headless store from scratch, as easy as 123. Both light and dark modes right away! In a nutshell, the Accelerator saves you a fortune and eternity by taking the engineering drill off your shoulders. It underlies a powerful mixture of BigCommerce,, and Qwik, so you can shake it all up with totally smashing features...


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