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Sofokus is your partner in all digital business needs, integrating strategy, design, software, and analytics for growth. We offer a comprehensive range of consultancy services, covering digital strategy and startup funding advice. Additionally, we excel in user-friendly UX/UI design, prototyping, and testing. Our software development expertise includes system architecture, e-commerce solutions, and integrations. Through maintenance, optimization, and small-scale development, we ensure your solutions stay current and high-performing. Additionally, our analytics services help achieve your business objectives through data leverage. We are Finland's first certified BigCommerce partner, specializing in scalable online stores tailored to your business growth. Our expertise covers the entire e-commerce journey, from design and development to integration, analytics, and ongoing optimization using BigCommerce's Plus, Pro, and Enterprise packages.


Digital service design

Digital service design helps you design and build business-driven digital products and services that exceed your customers’ needs and expectations. The aim of digital service design is to design digital services that are not only functional but also pleasant to use. It requires a multidisciplinary approach, combining business expertise, user interface design and software architecture. This ensures that digital services are user-centric, technically feasible and aligned with business objectives. A successful design project always requires a thorough understanding of the users of your service: what problems they are looking for solutions to, what their needs and habits are, what makes them happy, what makes them switch to a competitor in two clicks. Digital service design is useful, for example, when - You are in the process of launching a new digital service or product. - You have an idea but need help to make it concrete. - You need a clear, documented plan to develop your service. - You would like an external facilitator to design the service. - The old service has reached the end of its journey and it’s time to design a new one. Contact us to discuss your needs!

UX & UI design

At Sofokus, we pride ourselves on our expertise in UX design and our commitment to delivering measurable results for our clients. Here’s why you should choose us for your UX design needs: 1) Experience and expertise: Our designers bring years of experience and expertise in creating intuitive and user-friendly interfaces for diverse industries and platforms. 2) Customized solutions: We understand that every business is unique, and we tailor our UX design services to meet your specific requirements, goals, and budget, ensuring a customized solution that aligns with your business objectives. 3) Data-based approach: We ensure every design decision we make builds on user data and keep optimizing the results with the help of analytics. 4) Collaboration and communication: We believe in transparent and open communication throughout the design process, working closely with you to understand your vision, provide regular updates, and gather feedback to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. 5) Quality and timeliness: We are committed to delivering high-quality UX design services on time and within budget. Some of our design services that can help you evolve your business include: - Research - Wireframes - User interface design - Usability testing - Fast Service Prototyping - Collaborative co-creation - Design Sprint facilitation Contact us when you want to boost your business with smart design!

Software development

We provide software development services and experts to your team throughout the development lifecycle. We aim for deep and long-term cooperation, as we have found it to create the most business value for our clients. In business-oriented development, it is common that several suppliers and the customer’s own experts develop the same service. Depending on your needs, we can provide full software development service or, alternatively, experts as part of your team. If you prefer development as a service, we can provide full service for the entire business lifecycle, from business design to coding, further development and maintenance. And if you want an outside expert to join your existing team, we will work with you to find a suitable expert from our team or from our extensive partner network. Regardless of the delivery model you choose, we want to understand your business and its development goals so that we can help create value in the best possible way. Modern software development is an effective way for business development. Contact us to discuss your needs!

Software architecture

Software architecture is the spine of your digital service. It defines how well your digital service adapts to your changing business needs. It is often part of the overall architecture of a company, which also includes all the ancillary systems and applications of your online service. Our architectural services include: - Enterprise architecture - Software architecture - Composable business architecture - Infrastructure modernization - System and code audits - Platform economy architecture - API planning & managing, integrations - Cloud architecture - Microservices architecture A good software architecture requires a lot of experience because it affects the entire lifecycle of your online service. An overall composable business architecture and a software architecture implemented with the right technologies are a secure investment for the future. Flexibility, connectivity and adaptability to changing business needs are key goals for a functional software and overall architecture. Contact us to further discuss your business needs!

Composable business solutions

Sofokus offers your organisation everything it needs to move towards composability. Composable business is a new paradigm, a new way of thinking. Although the technology is well-established and familiar, rethinking a business concept as composable challenges even the most experienced business designer. Composability requires a business consultant a lot of technology understanding and vice versa. Each customer relationship includes business development and is therefore different, but typically the following services are used in the path of becoming composable: - Composable business design: baseline for aggregation, business target state, designing the business concept to be more digitally mature - Composable service design: touch points and service paths, usability and conversions - Composable digital architecture: interface capabilities, integrations, data warehouses, products, cloud services, customised services, adaptability analysis - Composable technologies: cloud components and cloud services, end-to-end systems (e.g. software for composable e-commerce), digital self-service interfaces, customised application development to meet the principles of composability Contact us to discuss your business needs!

Maintenance services

With 25 years of experience, we can take full responsibility for the maintenance of your digital service. When your online service is the backbone of your business, its continuous uptime is vital. We offer maintenance services that help you sleep well at night. If something happens, our experts will make sure that the situation is normalised as quickly as possible. We provide all the cloud and capacity services needed to keep your online services running smoothly and securely. These include scalable cloud-native serverless and container services, virtual servers, storage solutions, databases, and modern IaaS and PaaS technologies to back your composable business architecture. We are a certified Google Cloud Platform partner. Alternatively, you can offer us access to your own cloud environment or data centre, where we will maintain your services. Our service desk includes technical user support and troubleshooting. Our experts respond to your service requests and proactively react to alerts within agreed response times. Contact us to discuss your business needs!

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