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Bcame is innovative ICT company, established in July 2019. It's ideal partner for all the companies that want to be protagonists in the era of digital transformation. Bcame is able to offer tailor-made solutions for every business need, thanks to its professionals team certificated who have gained significant experience over the years. Bcame boasts leading customers in various markets, such as Luxury-Retail, Telco, Tourism & Hospitality and IIoT. Bcame offers consulting services, designs and implements eCommerce solutions on market leading platforms, including BigCommerce, developing solution for different markets.


E-Commerce Solutions

We Design and develop eCommerce solutions based on market-leading platforms, such as: > Adobe Commerce Cloud > BigCommerce > Liferay Commerce > Salesforce Commerce Cloud > Shopify Plus We create customized products and services for the Luxury Retail, Telco, Tourism and Hospitality market with a omnichannel view.

Telco Industry Solutions

We develop innovative technological solutions for the Telco Market. Management and monitoring of networks, Data Centers and Openstack, Vmware and Nutanix virtualization infrastructures.

Industrial IoT Solutions

We develop products and solutions that process and process Big Data, with the aid of tools for Business Intelligence, AI and Machine Learning, creating custom solutions for the Industrial IoT.

Tourism & Hospitality Solutions

We design and develop solutions capable of responding and managing every request from hotel facilities.

Verticals Serviced
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Fashion & Accessories
• Jewelry
• Other
• Retail




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