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Adiacent is the reference digital business partner for the Customer Experience and the digital transformation of companies. Thanks to its integrated expertise on data, marketing, creativity and technology, it develops innovative solutions and structured projects to support you in your growth path. Adiacent has 9 offices throughout Italy, and 4 offices based abroad (Spain, China, Mexico, USA) to better support companies with a team of more 350 people. From platforms development to data analysis and artificial intelligence, from communications and marketing strategy to creative concepts, up to the world of virtual reality: we carry out projects that involve many different areas of expertise to help you achieve concrete, traceable and valuable results.



If the digital experience you provide is enjoyable, the memory of the customer will be positive. But if the experience is also personalized, dynamic and built around him, it will become memorable. For this reason, we build immersive experiences that drive people through paths where technology is dominant, althought not evident. The creativity, then, does all the rest: it comes right to the heart and makes the purchasing process an emotional journey. • Omnichannel commerce B2B & B2C • Livestreaming commerce • Marketplace • Store management • Customer segmentation & CRO • PIM & DAM


Adacto | Adiacent has technology in its DNA. This gives us the possibility to create effective and advanced solutions starting from a solid base. Our team consists of a 60% of digital architects and development experts, always updated on the evolutions of the technology market. From the open source world to enterprise solutions: there are no limits to what we can design for your business. • CMS & digital experience platform • Mobile app • System integration • Digital learning • Digital tranformation advisory • Vertical solutions


It’s never easy to tell. Emotion, beauty, power, speed, quality: what value does your business express the most? Our content team gives value to your story, builds narrations, brings new ideas to light and mixes the different paths of communication to give life to a multimedial and multichannel transmidial storytelling to guide you to a successful communication. • UX/UI design • Branding • Content marketing • SEO • Photo & video production • Virtual & augmented reality


The traditional advertising message has changed. Today it is interactive, dynamic and not designed for the mass but for the single person you look an interaction with. Digital gets more and more about experience and a promise of new, fast, continuous emotion. And the technology supports this evolution, through solutions with an easy and enjoyable fruition. In this way communication becomes a game and the game, as we know, is the most beautiful of calls. • CRM • Marketing strategy & automation • Digital advertising & media plan • Social & community management • O2O campaign • Loyalty & gamification


Everything produces data. Habits and purchasing behaviours. The time spent staring at a picture on the screen. Our path inside a store, both real and virtual. Even the smallest gesture you can imagine. It is a valuable infinity that generates value, knowledge and awareness. Everything produces data. And the data is richness. We help you pick them up, analyse them and interpret them. • Machine & deep learning • In store customer journey • Social & web analytics • IOT & predictive • Budget & forecasting • Enterprise datawarehouse


In the Chinese market, channels and business tools live together in a single comprehensive experience, which allows people to satisfy every possible need or desire. A deep knowledge of the peculiarities and the dynamics of this integrated ecosystem is indispensable for achieving concrete results. E-commerce, social platforms, marketplace, live streaming: the moment is now. • Digital marketing • E-commerce • Miniprogram • Cloud • System integration • Logistic services

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Digital goods (e.g., print, media, music, gaming)
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Jewelry
• Retail
• Sports & Equipment
• Toys & Games


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