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That focus was shared by our founders at the start of our innovative digital development agency in 2005. From that focus onwards, we are continuously working on new possibilities for flexible, scalable and innovative applications. This makes us an ideal proactive and reliable partner for customers who see technology as an essential part of their ambitious growth strategy. That same focus connects our development teams in the Netherlands, China, Nigeria, Portugal and Singapore. The Agile collaboration between these passionate professionals forms an important foundation for our company. The solid connection with two key international growth engines is also a rich source for new ideas, innovative technology and university-trained experts.


E-commerce platforms with innovative and scalable technologies

At rb2 we have extensive experience with the technical realization of all kinds of e-commerce platforms for leading clients. We work with innovative and scalable technologies that ensure that the platform is ready to realize all e-commerce ambitions. To be able to apply these kinds of technologies, we often use the e-commerce platforms BigCommerce & commercetools.

The subscription economy is booming. We help companies benefit from the opportunities

The road to a relationship-driven business model rb2 has significant experience in the technical and functional configuration of subscription platforms. As a technical developer, we support many customers in launching, configuring and maintaining subscription models – independently, or together with our strategic partner Subscription Factory, one of Zuora’s leading EMEA implementation and consultancy partners. rb2 is one of the few Dutch firms with experience in linking to Zuora, Salesforce’s cloud-based subscription platform. We combine our experience in implementing subscription modules and providing strategic advice regarding subscription types offered by our partner Subscription Factory with the aim of helping customers participate fully in the subscription economy. One of the customers we assisted was the Philips electronics group, which is pioneering subscription-based personal care products for the Dutch market. We also built the subscription platform for online book titan BookChoice, for its wildly popular book-as-a-subscription model.

Building sustainable relationships with loyal customers. A dream and opportunity for every business

Loyalty programs work – especially the loyalty concepts that serve and reward customers in unique and authentic ways. The possibilities are vast: savings per travel kilometers in exchange for a discount on the next bill, transactional rewards and prizes, social rewards, and extra privileges by achieving higher customer status. Do you already have a loyalty program that truly engages customers and creates commitment? rb2 has already created more than 10 platforms, giving us extensive experience in the area of marketing and technology. We have packaged all this knowledge into a loyalty platform: Loyalty Tools. Since 2014 the platform has been successfully deployed for various clients, in collaboration with marketing agency Doornvogel. The platform is suitable for millions of users and is now used by RET, T Mobile, Nederlandse Loterij, and Vattenfall. At r2b we understand that you want to serve your customers in a unique way. That's why the range of options is so vast. In one program, customers save via the number of kilometers traveled and in another via the monthly invoice. This has also generated a great deal of knowledge and expertise in the different forms of saving, with options for social rewards alongside traditional rewards.

Never miss an order again with an Order Management System

The world of retail and e-commerce has become a lot more dynamic due to the arrival and deployment of various channels - including market places, third party shops and own stores. Stocks are no longer just in the warehouse, which makes the management and overview of available products more complex. Retail Unity is the OMS specialist from the Netherlands and with international presence through offices in North America and Asia. The company develops and provides an omnichannel Order Management Suite and always puts the retailer at the centre of everything they do. Retail Unity believes that the power and success of retailers come from utilizing inventory and staff resources of their shop locations. With the Retail Unity OMS solution, retailers always know if and where products are available and can use in-store staff to process orders. Using an OMS, retailers can service customers better and quicker and improve both customer satisfaction and revenue. Together with Retail Unity, we help retails make better decisions when it comes to inventory management to significantly improve the effectiveness of ship-from-store, replenishment, orders and returns activities. We also help to intelligently integrate the OMS with existing systems to further enhance the efficiency advantages of the retailer's full tech landscape.

We bring your concept to life on a rock-solid technical platform

We are regularly called in to handle technical realization of a brand-new platform. This process often starts with an idea that is still just a concept in someone’s head. Working closely with the customer, we define the course to take together, for example by holding refinement sessions and technical deep-dives. As the concept takes on a more tangible shape, the technical foundations become solid enough to start developing the platform. Asking the right questions and working in sprints for quick delivery of a new and fully functional platform rb2 has extensive experience in technical realization of customized platforms, often referred to as greenfield projects. These could be new e-commerce platforms, loyalty platforms and/or subscription platforms. For example, we realized an online platform for searching and booking meeting rooms for Meetingselect, which was among the top 50 fastest-growing tech companies in the Netherlands for five years in a row. For GoBear, we realized a metasearch solution for comparing insurance options in the Asian market, a solution that won the prestigious NTCC Award for Best Startup of the Year in 2017 and has now been rolled out in seven countries and serves over 30 million users annually. By asking customers the right questions, we convert digital issues into concrete technical solutions. Working in sprints, we constantly deliver software that is ready to go, making it possible to use new functions immediately. In that process, we use various methods – such as unit tests, integration tests and end-to-end tests – to ensure that everything is working properly and that the platform remains stable. This makes it possible to establish an MVP within a short time frame, helping customers assess whether the functions that have been developed are aligned with actual end-user preferences. This makes it possible to see results quickly.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Digital goods (e.g., print, media, music, gaming)
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Media & Entertainment
• Retail
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rb2 Core Connect

Core Connect is the solution to make all your systems, tools and services work as one. Imagine that your applications are the instruments orchestrated by the Core Connect to make it sound well and balanced, like an orchestra. Core Connect runs between your front-end and back-end applications and enables communication, setup policies and share data right from the start. Go beyond the API libraries that you get out-of-the box and design and implement Core Connect that will help your e-commerce, subscription and loyalty platform excel.

rb2 - Weer #1 in de Emerce100

Voor het tweede jaar op rij in de Emerce100 als béste digital production agency van Nederland. Wat een prachtig nieuws!

rb2 Tech Talk: 5 vragen aan Peter Blom van Retail Unity

rb2 Tech Talk: 5 vragen aan Peter Blom van Retail Unity.


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