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Successive Technologies - Global leaders in consulting, Technology services & Digital Transformation. We transform businesses across all touchpoints of customer experience with our digital transformation solutions.


Digital Enterprise

Transform traditional legacy applications that modern technologies & architecture to deliver business value with our strategic approach and data-driven enterprise solutions to deliver rich functionality and flexibility. Integrating digital & innovative solutions for effective transformation: 1. Creative Design 2. Enterprise web dev & Integration 3. Quality Engineering 4. Data Engineering 5. Enterprise Mobility 6. 24X7 Managed services 7. Cloud & DevOps 8. App Modernization

Digital Experience

We deliver smart, robust and effective omnichannel experiences with personalized digital solutions based on customer intelligence. Our Offerings include - 1. Customer Experience & Design 2. Hybrid and Headless CMS 3. Omni Channel Commerce 4. AR/VR

Digital Innovation

Unlock the potential of your brand with emerging technologies enabled by real-time data and insights to amplify your decisions with cutting-edge technology, creative thinking, and the power of digital innovation to deliver radical business transformation. Our Offerings includes- 1. Data Science & Engineering 2. Blockchain 3. IoT


We craft brilliance together to improve your brand’s value by bridging the gap between real and digital with creative design solutions. Our offerings include - 1. Customer Experience & Design 2. User Interface 3. Content Production

Consultancy (IT)

Stay ahead, think forward, and always have a competitive advantage. Get better at what you do within Strategy, Growth, Technology, and Operations. Our offerings include - 1. Digital Transformation 2. Cloud Computing 3. Data Consulting 4. Creative Consulting

Verticals Serviced
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Jewelry




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