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Darwin IT Strategies, LLC helps businesses become more competitive and more profitable by enabling them to run themselves. This allows your customers to be more self-servicing, enables your business to respond to events more quickly, and lets your suppliers know your needs sooner. The result is you preserve your competitive edge, prevent your business offerings from becoming commodities, better serve your customers, and compete more effectively in your changing business environment. We provide Business and Systems Analysis, Process Improvement, Systems Integration, Project Management, Software Design and Development services.


Business and Systems Analysis

Before you can move forward, you must first know where you are. We help you: ·Perform a SWOT(Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) analysis. ·Map and document your current processes and procedures. ·Ascertain which of your processes are working efficiently and which aren’t. ·Recommend how to change your processes to achieve better scalability and lower costs. ·Help you understand the pros, cons and ramifications of each of your options. ·Identify additional opportunities to cut costs.

Process Improvement and Systems Integration

Streamlining your business not only reduces costs and decreases turnaround times, it also enables you to handle growth more effectively. We help: ·Streamline, merge and divide processes to achieve better scalability and lower costs. ·Modify or create automated processes to eliminate manual steps. ·Integrate separate automated systems to better streamline the business as a whole. ·Identify additional opportunities to cut costs and increase productivity.

Software Design and Development

We can customize your existing software and create new applications where necessary. Our solutions are designed with an eye towards making them adaptable to your changing needs. This enables you to respond quickly and be more proactive to the inevitable changes in your business environment.

Project Management

The best of plans can fail if not overseen and implemented properly. We can: ·Ensure that your initiatives progress on-time and on-budget. ·Keep your implementation team working together efficiently and cohesively. ·Incorporate any mid-stream changes to your plans. ·Enable you to measure the impact of your initiatives on the bottom line.

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