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We’re a team founded by former-Bigcommerce support engineers with a passion for entrepreneurship & web development. Our specializations include custom front-end functionality and design, API application development, and data upload. A sample of our clients includes Harvard Kennedy School, Carrington Farms, and Discount Electronics. An additional specialization is our ability to work in tandem with other development agencies, including Bigcommerce partners, on ecommerce projects. Our expert level of Bigcommerce system knowledge often complements existing design or development teams. With our white-label services, clients never know oBundle may be coming in for the assist. We love working with businesses who are serious about taking their success to the next level. Work with us, let’s beat your competitors together.


Custom Template Development

Our design and development experts will work hand in hand with you to create a dynamic, engaging, fully customized and responsive Bigcommerce template. Our process is 6 phases: Discovery - A crucial step to a successful project is taking the time understand your goals, branding, and current position in the market. We initiate all major projects with an in-depth consultation by a project manager, lead developer, and lead designer. We use our expertise to ask the right questions & find the right solutions. Wireframe - We take the knowledge gained from the Discovery phase and combine our e-commerce expertise to develop wireframes that are User Experience friendly and optimized for high conversions. Mockup/Design (Graphics, Typography, Colors) - Once the wireframes are approved, our design team applies the aesthetic to match your branding & target audience. Development (Mockup to Code to Sandbox) - Our development team begins coding the mocks to a Bigcommerce template. Template will accommodate hosted HTML 5 videos where applicable, provided video is supplied to oBundle in proper web-ready format and include quality HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap code. Finally in this stage we will implement template in oBundle provided sandbox, test Bigcommerce store. QA (Test for bugs, UX) - Our team performs several rounds of testing. Rather than use emulators, We use actual devices to ensure your store is a smooth experience on devices & screens of any size. Launch - Once we pass QA and final review, we install the completed template on the live store and launch!

Conversion Rate Optimization

We conduct a thorough audit utilizing multiple devices and operating systems to analyze your store’s Purchase Funnel, Conversion Rate, Abandonment Rate, Page Speed, and Usability. The results provide opportunities for store optimization and conversion improvement with concrete, actionable items. Over half of ecommerce traffic is on mobile - is your store optimized?

Front-End Customization

We offer custom scripting for templates, utilizing JavaScript, jQuery, liveQuery, HTML and CSS to build custom Bigcommerce stores that help our clients sell more. Examples include conditional options, custom cart marketing tools, bulk order forms and wholesale customizations.

Application Development

Our expert developers routinely build applications and integrations for our clients using the Bigcommerce API that help our clients sell more to new clients, improve sales from existing customers, and reduce internal labor costs through automation.

Template Branding

We brand your template by updating typography, colors, buttons, spacing, and general styles.


Our in-house designers work hand-in-hand with our clients to sketch, compose and deliver cutting-edge web design while always keeping the end-customer's perspective as the focus.

Data Import

Don't lose your Customer or Order data when moving to Bigcommerce from another platform. oBundle can import into Bigcommerce Product, Customer and Order data in bulk. Particular data sets subject to review prior to estimate.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• B2B
• Education/Publishing
• Electronics
• Fashion/Jewelry
• Food/Beverage
• Health/Beauty
• Home/Garden
• Non-profit
• Sports/Outdoors
• Toys/Games
• Wholesale/Manufacturing



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