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4Psite is a cloud based multi-channel Order Manager that provides leading technology enabling comprehensive automation needed to operate and expand your business. 4Psite takes your eCommerce business to the next level by capturing and managing orders from more than 25 stores and channels, including Bigcommerce, whether you operate hundreds or hundreds of thousands of orders a month, 4Psite will help boost your operations, improve accuracy, save you time, and elevate your profitability. The user-friendly 4Psite interface gives you a complete insight to your entire workflow! The 4Psite internal systems such as CRM, built-in Shipping, Drop Shipping, Wholesale Support including B2B/EDI, Finance Integration, Listers, Amazon Repricer, and Advanced multi-channel Inventory and Purchasing Management System, are essential for expanding your business.


4Psite cloud-based multi-channel Order Manager

4Psite is a cloud-based, multi-channel Order Management System that simplifies your eCommerce operations while helping you grow your business. We provide seamless integration that enables you to manage sales across more than 25 carts and channels. We capture & manages all orders, support real time shipping with USPS, Express-1, UPS & FedEx, while also integrating inventory, drop shipping, purchase orders, payment processing, manual orders, CRM, business intelligence, listers, feeders & other essential features to elevate your business. 4Psite is an affordable, flexible, and scalable system that stays up-to-date with all market trends to ensure you can capitalize all features to remain competitive. We are located in San Diego and have been serving more than 1,000 on-line stores for years. 4Psite main modules: •End to End Multi-Channel Order Processing: Automatically capturing/tracking all your orders, and analyzing returns. •Shipping: automation during your shipping process including customizing shipping rules, efficiently creating postage and labels, integration with leading shipping carriers (UPS, USPS, FedEx), negotiated and Express 1 discount rates, address verification, and scanner usability. •‪Advanced Drop shipping: Automatically breaks down and transmits orders to fulfillment centers while capturing shipping information. •Central Inventory Management: includes a Purchase Orders system and BIN locations, barcode scanning, multiple vendors, Kits, Sets, and auto-feeding of inventory levels. •CRM: comprehensive customer information, order status portal, incoming and outgoing emails, automatic updates, reports, and optional salesforce integration. •Manual orders support and Wholesale including B2B EDI. •Business Intelligence through performance reports and wizard segmentation •Advanced eBay, Amazon, and Jet listers (Amazon repricer also) •QuickBooks Integration •and much more Call or email us for a free demo!




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