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Your Store Wizards provides affordable and creative programming solutions for eCommerce websites across many platforms. We build custom solutions, created to bring your ideas to life. Our programming is flexible, improves search engine optimization, and creates seamless, memorable user experiences. Our enhancements add significant value to your store by helping you save time, increase conversion rate, and be more profitable. We have been in operation for over 16 years and have worked on thousands of stores, on a variety of platforms. All of our work is done in-house; we do not outsource. We have built an impeccable reputation and stand behind everything we do. Our guarantee is your satisfaction.


Priority Support Wizard

Your Store Wizards now offers Priority Support Wizard. An exciting new support offering that gives you these amazing benefits. Guaranteed Support Response within 1 HOUR* during normal business hours and 1 Business Day during non-business hours. Direct “Slack Channel**” to support for our customers who use Slack. 3 HOURS*** of monthly support handled by our dedicated team of Support Wizards. 25% discount on Emergency After Hours Support Access to beta test new products and features before they are released. Invitation to special discounts, events and products.

Big Commerce Speed Optimization Code Review

Website speed is one of the most important things necessary for eCommerce success. It has been proven time and time again that Google tends to be weary of websites that have longer than average load times. You may have heard the website speed plays a big role, but here is some concrete evidence that shows just how important the problem is. Amazon reports a 100 millisecond page load delay (yes, that's only one-tenth of a second) costs them 1% in sales. Yahoo reports a 400 millisecond delay costs them 5-9% in full page traffic. (That's when a shopper just quits waiting and either closes the browser or hits the back button and gives up) Google reports a 500 millisecond delay (one-half second) results in 20% fewer searches. Most of the time improvement can be made without changing a site's layout and design.

Data Migration Review for Re-Platforming

Thinking of moving from another platform to Big Commerce? Our team will do a comprehensive review of what's necessary to do a successful data migration. When you re-platform from one shopping cart to another, there are generally two components. The data migration, and programming/implementation. When you purchase this product, we will review your existing data and create a report for you that explains what is needed to actually perform the migration and programming/implementation. You would then have the option to purchase it from us, OR use this report to go to other platform migration companies and get competitive quotes. Without a comprehensive review, it is impossible for any company to do a data migration. Doing this step first will allow for a "concrete" plan, which will prevent problems along the way that will add extra expense. Data migrations can cost anywhere from $1000 or more based on the number of products, sku options, etc. Purchasing this product will cover having our team review your store regardless of the platform you wish to transfer from, and will allow us to successfully price out a total migration cost for you. We will deliver a report to you along with an itemized quote for the actual data migration cost. If you choose to use Your Store Wizards to complete the data migration/implementation, the $399 spent on this report will be deducted from your overall project.

Wizard Express Flat Rate Small Job Service

Need a small job done fast? We've got the solution. Our simple "flat rate" pricing of $99 for any small job you need done. Current Stock: Quantity: Decrease Quantity: 1 Increase Quantity: Add to Wish List Description Need a small job done fast? We've got the solution. Our simple "flat rate" pricing of $99 for any small job you need done. Simply order the Wizard Express Small Jobs Service and within 48 hours* your small job will be completed. Wizard Express is a flat rate of $99. Think of anything you've wanted to do for a long time and haven't been able to get to it, and we'll do it for you. Examples Include (but are not limited to): Fixing Broken Scripts Realignment of Misplaced Graphics or Text Simple Visual Enhancements (resizing logo's, adjusting css) Simply order Wizard Express and fill out the required information and we will get started on your project immediately. *Jobs are completed within 48 hours with the exceptions of weekends and holidays. Wizard Express jobs are based on one hour. Jobs that we believe may take longer than one hour may not be approved for Wizard Express Service. Other Items You Need to Know: 1. Only one job per store per fee. 2. Once you input your project description, we will determine if it is a small job. If we approve your request as a small job, we will complete the job and bill you upon completion of the job. If the job is more complex than originally anticipated, a member of the Wizard's team will contact you with more information.

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Search Magic from Your Store Wizards Webinar

Search Magic is a comprehensive all in one website search product which is customized for individual store owners.


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