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WebDesk Solution is a top-notch digital agency in eCommerce, teaming up with big brands across different industries. We're experts in BigCommerce, with a track record of success. Whatever your eCommerce needs, we've got you covered with top-notch solutions. Our motto is simple: if others say "no way," we say "let's make it happen." We're here to turn your eCommerce dreams into reality, no matter how ambitious they may seem.


Deep Dive Discovery

What good is an IT solution that is not effective or efficient at solving the industry problem it was created to fix? Designed to help clients avoid such wastefulness, our Deep Dive Discovery service thoroughly investigates everything about the project, including the Project Blueprint, Project Strategy, Functionality Requirement, Feasibility, and Project Costing, in order to make sure that only the most effective and efficient choices are made. Our Deep Dive Discovery service takes into consideration every possible path to creating the solution you need, even going as far as to provide competitor analysis with the aim being to choose that one choice that gives you the most value for your money.

BigCommerce Custom Design & Integration

No two businesses are ever truly the same. In the same way, no two businesses ever face the same business problems either. With this in mind, our goal at WebDesk is to provide custom BigCommerce Design and Integration solutions perfect for you. Our designs and integrations are unique and clean, providing you with top quality UX and UI that let your customers easily find whatever they might be looking for on your website, and by so doing, improve sales. With this service, you get highly responsive website designs that give your clients with the best user experience no matter what kind of device or browser they use to access your website.

BigCommerce Custom Development

It is one thing to design an efficient custom solution, and something else entirely to develop a said solution to be just as effective and efficient as it was crafted to be. From Javascript to CSS and API, our team of BigCommerce Developers is equipped with all the expertise and technologies as well as the wealth of expertise provided by the BigCommerce platform, required to write custom codes that meet all the client’s requirement to the very letter. From custom search filters to reporting to invoice systems and even payment gateways, our BigCommerce Custom Development Team sees feasibility where others see impossibility.

BigCommerce Data Migration

Migration from one platform to another is not a task to be taken lightly. With all that data potentially at risk, as well as the difference in the formatting of the different platforms, so much could go wrong without the right experts on the job. WebDesk has a team of experts solely dedicated to BigCommerce Data Migration. With our wealth of experience in the BigCommerce Migration process having helped several Businesses migrate from other platforms to the BigCommerce platform in the past, we have all it takes to make the migration process a safe, successful, and stressless one. Unlike the many cheap data migration plugins out there, our field mapping provides 100% data migration accuracy with zero data loss or mixup.

BigCommerce App Development

One of our most popular services at WebDesk is our BigCommerce App Development service, and we are extremely proud of what we have been able to achieve in this field. Equipped with state-of-the-art tools and technology for the development of top-tier applications, the vast resources provided by the BigCommerce platform, and the experience from years of successful app development, you can count on us to develop that game-changing app in the most reliable way possible.

3rd Party Integration

Whether you intend to migrate from one platform to the other or to add external data to an existing solution, WebDesk has all the expertise needed for the job. We provide 3rd Party Integration services for the successful integration of external data into the current project using different APIs like 3rd Party CRM, Shipping Traffic Software, and Quickbooks. This way, you don't have to start from scratch simply because you purchased a new software solution.

Speed Optimization

Slow-loading websites are the bane of any eCommerce enterprise. The slower your website loads, the longer it takes for your customers to do business with you, and the more likely you are to lose them. With our Speed Optimization service, you get the opportunity to push your business a step ahead of your competitors by improving your website speed and not losing your customers. Ours is a goal to get your website completely loaded in less than 3 seconds, giving your customers a great experience of surfing your eCommerce store and even improving your ranking on search engines like Google.

Post Launch Support

At WebDesk, launching your BigCommerce solution is not where our services end. We offer our customers post-launch support services, providing maintenance, and upgrade services even after delivering eCommerce solutions. This way, our solutions remain effective and efficient as they were designed to be and are able to develop with your business, making sure they never go out of date. We offer customers the option of purchasing 10 or 20 hours eCommerce support in advance with unlimited validity. This way, you can leave the regular new offers and new arrival updates to the experts.


At Webdesk, even though we are certain of our level of expertise, we still leave no room for errors. This is why we provide our customers with 30 days of unpaid support for any possible errors. Our 30 days of free support covers every form of error and mistake observed after the completion of the product within the warranty period. With this in place, with us as your BigCommerce digital agency of choice, you can rest assured that you get maximum value for your money.

Mouse Hover Effect

We have created this effect for the hundreds of websites in that when you move your mouse over a certain element that makes it slide out, change color or animate.

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