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IntuitSolutions is a digital agency offering BigCommerce design, development, and digital marketing services. We have 15 years of ecommerce experience and have worked on the BigCommerce platform since its inception. Currently, we work exclusively on BigCommerce. All our strategy is informed by our deep understanding of the platform. We specialize in creating custom solutions to ease pain points and maximize sales. If you have a problem or challenge, we want to solve it. Whether you need a whole new site, a special customization, or digital marketing services (SEO, SEM, Adwords, PLA/Google Shopping, Email Marketing and Social Media Optimization), we do it all. Ready for a free site consultation? Call us today at (866) 590-4650!


Web Development

Work with our expert developers to expand your BigCommerce store's functionality. Whether you want a full redesign, special customizations, or ongoing maintenance, we do it all.

Move To Stencil

Faster page speed, cleaner code, better SEO: now’s the time to move your BigCommerce site from Blueprint to the Stencil framework. Future-proof your site by migrating to the modern BigCommerce framework with the best performance and merchant support. Whether you want to recreate your existing design or try something new, we have a Stencil move package for your budget.

Custom Site Redesign

Get a totally custom BigCommerce site with the design and functionality you need. Our designs are clean, modern, mobile-friendly and optimized for user experience and SEO. Work with our in-house experts to get a site design that works for your industry and business model.

Site Customizations

Customize your BigCommerce site with help from our expert team of developers. We’ll work with you to find personalized solutions for your ecommerce challenges. We can improve and enhance your site with development work that eases merchant or customer pain points or solves industry-specific problems.

SEO & Digital Marketing

SEO, SEM, Adwords/Bing, PPC, PLA/Google Shopping, Email Social. Work with our experts to build and refine your digital presence, from organic searches to social media. We’ll help you find and reach your audience, create and promote compelling content, and automate your manual processes so you can sell more while doing less.

Move To BigCommerce

We specialize in seamless, hassle-free site migrations to BigCommerce. Let us move your product database the right way. Work with our completely in-house team to move your site, protect your rankings, and keep your business up and running.

BigCommerce Site Add-Ons

Shop our full list of BigCommerce add-ons. These are special customizations to solve common merchandising and user-experience problems. Product images, B2B/Wholesale, Upsell Tools, Product Personalization, and more!

One Page Checkout And Other Apps

Get our exclusive apps, designed specially for BigCommerce. We offer the fastest One Page Checkout, plus other apps for B2B and specific industries.

Verticals Serviced
• Advanced (Backoffice Integration, CRM)
• Analytics and Reporting
• Application Development
• Design Services
• Digital Marketing Services
• E-mail marketing
• Integration services
• Mobile Site Development
• Product development
• Search Engine Marketing
• Social Media
• Store Setup
• Training
• UI Development
• UX Development



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