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We specialise in SEO activities designed for BigCommerce stores. This includes our flagship Tune-up packages, which enhance how you look in Google, help crawling/indexing and ensure you are getting the analytics data to help improve your website's performance. We are a bespoke SEO company headed by Tony McCreath, whom you can often see helping out in the BigCommerce community. For this work he has been classed as a Legend (Their words) and awarded Insider status. Tony is very active in the SEO world. He's a known helper in online communities including Google's own Webmasters Help Community, where he is classed as a Gold Product Expert. We also provide free SEO tools to help other SEOs and Webmasters do their jobs.


SEO Rich Snippets App

With the press of a button, have structured data added to your store that supports the most relevant types of rich snippets that Google offers. 30 day free trial with no credit card required.

Classy Schema Structured Data Editors

Our editors in conjunction with some magic in the SEO Rich Snippets App make it possible to add even more types of structured data to the pages of your store. FAQ, How-to and Video rich snippets are supported as well as a tool to help you visualise and verify the structured data on your pages.

Quick SEO Audit

Not sure if you really need our services? This package is a great way to find out. With our Quick SEO Audit, We run through most of the items from our BigCommerce SEO Checklist and provide you with an itemized report on what needs doing and a recommendation on what, if any, of our other packages you need to solve your problems.

Site-Wide HTTPS Conversion

Going site-wide https is a great trust signal for users. This is getting more so as browsers are highlighting secure pages (green lock) and have recently started to warn more about insecure pages.

Rich Snippets

We add Google Compliant Rich Snippet markup for: Review Stars & Ratings, Product Price & Availability, Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Search Box, Company Knowledge Graph. In addition, we monitor for and advise you of its success!


Using Google Search Console we will: Register all domain variations, Configure preferred domain, Link with Google Analytics, Configure Target Region, Register the XML Sitemap, Configure BigCommerce-specific URL Parameters, Submit Robots.txt after configuring BigCommerce-specific entries, Review Settings and Reports.


Using Google Analytics we will: Add Tracking Code, Configure eCommerce Sales Tracking, Configure Demographic Tracking, Enable Remarketing Data Collection, Enable Enhanced Link Attribution, Add Useful Events (e.g. Phone, Email, Download, Social Link clicks), Add Goals (Contact, Subscription, Orders + above events), Add Detailed Checkout Goal Funnel, Configure Site Search to track Internal Searches, Improve PayPal Referrals Reporting, Review all Google Analytics settings, Monitor for Issues.

Quick Win SEO

Custom Analysis and Recommendations using our proprietory data gathering and analysis system.

Google Ads Smart Shopping & Dynamic Remarketing Campaigns

Show product based ads tailored to your site visitors as they browse the internet. Smart Shopping and Dynamic Remarketing campaigns require advanced tags on the site that track user behaviour in relation to the products they show interest in. These campaigns are hard to set up, but once running are easy to maintain and can have a great return on investment.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• B2B
• Education/Publishing
• Electronics
• Fashion/Jewelry
• Food/Beverage
• Health/Beauty
• Home/Garden
• Non-profit
• Sports/Outdoors
• Toys/Games
• Wholesale/Manufacturing



Community Hangout on SEO Best Practices

Watch me chatting to Katey from BigCommerce on SEO best practices

How to add Google Analytics to BigCommerce and Track Sales

BigCommerce has built in support for Google Analytics which includes the tracking of sales. Being able to see sales details within Google Analytics is very powerful. This enables you to analyse things like which sources are revenue generators or which parts of the website perform well at converting customers. Here's how to set it up.

How to Track Bigcommerce Orders in your AdWords Account

AdWords provides a way for you to track sales information so that you can optimise your advertising based on what causes sales. This includes tracking the dollar amount of each sale.


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