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One of the few true full-service marketing and technology agencies out there that understands how to harness the speed of automation and couple that intelligence with the best (human-generated) strategies!  Our solutions include Paid and Organic Search, Product & Marketplace Ads, Social, Email, and Content Marketing, Competitive Price Intelligence, Smart Data Feeds, and more. We are proud to be recognized by a number of top brands – Top 5 in Google’s partner program, a Bing Elite Partner, as well as Facebook Premier Partner and listed in INC 5000’s Hall of Fame – but more importantly, we are proud of our ability to retain and grow our clients’ businesses. We would love a chance to help grow your eCommerce marketing program!


Organic Search

We leverage more than five industry-leading technologies such as BRIGHTEDGE along with proprietary tools, to target the highest impact areas of your website to maximize your ROI. Our program has expanded to include 30 content writers, supported by a full team of SEO specialists that will match your industry and create optimized content at a quality exceeding Google algorithm standards. Key Features: There are four categories of signals that we manage for our clients, those signals add up to your ranking scores (relevance, technical, crawl, brand). Vastly improve rankings and ranking keyword universe size per page. Topical Optimization Using our topical optimization method will significantly boost your rankings. When a page has the highest-ranking score for a keyword, it is given the #1 position. Topical content is a great way to game Google’s algorithm and maximize your ranking scores. BUT, to prevent penalties, content must be (a) unique, (b) high quality, and (c) naturally optimized. Our SEO program dates back to 1997 – strategies have evolved over 20+ years, before Google’s incorporation (1998).

Paid Search

EXCLUSIVE is a Top 5 Google Premier Partner and currently managing the most ad spend on the U.S. East coast. Our team is up to date on new changes in the environment and strives to be industry leaders in the paid ads space. We are constantly testing new approaches in Google & implementing in Bing when available. Unlike the majority of our competitors, we use large amounts of data & insights from other channels to inform our strategic decision making. Human Decision Making Specialists are in the account on a daily basis optimizing every detail. An automated algorithm (i.e. a computer) does not understand your goals and are unable to make decisions on the fly to protect your bottom line. Premier Google Partner and Bing Elite Agency EXCLUSIVE was one of the original founding members of Google’s partner program. Our impeccable relationship with Google allows us to receive (1) early access to betas and (2) insight into your competitor’s benchmarks. Flux Approach; We work to expand our coverage of the account, then understand the data and cut down unprofitable spend.

Google Shopping/ PLA

In 2018, our average account has increased ad spend by 46%, while revenue is up 246% - a ROAS improvement of 121%. For 5 years+, EXCLUSIVE continues to hold its position as the only agency capable of helping clients target specific keywords per product. Our rollout of this proprietary technique allows products to show up #1 in PLA results without running up the cost-per-click. The result is boosted performance and ROI. Human Decision Making Every business decision, optimization and data enrichment recommendation is made by a dedicated Product Ads analyst. We do not rely on automation. An automated algorithm (i.e. a computer) does not understand your goals and are unable to make decisions on the fly to protect your bottom line. High-Evolved Strategies Proprietary methods and tools to control search results and maximize visibility, giving an edge over the competition. Data-Driven Approach We leverage insights from all channels, pre and post click, and use actual margin data to inform campaign and data optimizations.


EXCLUSIVE has successfully cracked the market on holistic Amazon marketing by balancing technique and ad spend to maximize visibility on both paid and organic. We have extensive experience working with Amazon Seller Central (SC) and Amazon Marketing Services (AMS). Profit Focus Using your goals, we create a series of profit focused campaigns that allows you to thrive within the competitive Amazon landscape. Full Ad Features For sellers with AMS capabilities, we offer full scale AMS campaign management, including strategic use of Headline Search, Sponsored Products, and Product Display. Transparent & Insightful Reporting Allowing for both ACoS and ROAS, our custom reporting methods dive into both organic and sponsored performance for your Amazon storefront. Amazon Organic Search: Keeping in line with changing indexing algorithms, we create optimized content to aid in product ranking and conversions

Email Marketing

EXCLUSIVE has 12+ years’ experience in full-service email marketing, working with major ESPs along the way. We lay the foundation of best practices before jumping head-first into advanced tactics that drive revenue. Advanced Strategy and Tactics: We create a custom strategy that employs a range of tactics, and may include technical support for your ESP, list management, campaign/automation flow creation, A/B testing and more. We Work with You: Already have a design team? We’ll do the strategy and advanced tactics and work with them to create beautiful emails that convert. Flexible, Budget-Based, and Full-Service: You provide access credentials to your email service provider, we work within your budget to prioritize high-impact activities. Transparent and Insightful Reporting : Included through your ESP.

Social Marketing

Today, we’ve been able to create an average 800%+ ROAS across clients who have been on with us for over 12 months. With ecommerce revenue from FB/IN ads surging, we have released a service to perfectly target social ads. We fit in with your existing social team however you need us to! Our holistic approach leverages SEO, paid search, product ads, Amazon, and email for your social program, and assists with growth in those channels as well. Our Formula for Success: Ongoing cold and remarketing audience development is met with continuous creation and testing of Facebook and Instagram ads. EXCLUSIVE leverages ad types, unique infrastructural techniques, proprietary dynamic ad feed technology, and ground-breaking data analysis to continuously drive efficiency and scale through Facebook and Instagram ads. **Snapchat & Twitter are add on-costs 360 Degree Management of Goals: (Branding, acquisition, and transaction goals) Brand awareness campaigns, dynamic remarketing campaigns, cold-audience customer acquisition campaigns, and lead generation campaigns for either Facebook & Instagram or Pinterest ads. **Graphic creation, design, special promotions and boosted posts are included

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Books & Magazines
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Education
• Fashion & Accessories
• Food & Beverage
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment
• Toys & Games




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