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StrikeTru is a premier commerce and data services agency. From content to creative to tech tools, we offer a suite of services to help brands and retailers modernize their commerce. We bring together commerce and data expertise that includes strategy/consulting, site design, high-touch implementations, proprietary products and apps such as TruPIM and comprehensive product data services to fast-track superior commerce experiences. We provide clients a holistic and integrated delivery team that applies best practices in digital experience design, data architecture, system design and implementation, integrations, migrations, and automations. We combine domain, platform, and industry know-how with a robust delivery methodology to ensure successful projects.


Website Design

We transform your website with a brand integrated design that communicates your brand value and customizes all your brand elements to create a strong brand identity with intuitive navigation tools, useful input controls, helpful informational elements, action-based page layouts, and more.

Website Development

Requirements for each eCommerce store are unique and are often not satisfied with BigCommerce out of the box features. We can help with custom BigCommerce website/theme builds that will enable unique product customization options, special business rules, and other custom features.

BigCommerce API Integrations

We build custom API integrations to different enterprise and 3rd party platforms like PIM, DAM, ERP, WMS, OMS, CRM, Data Pool, and other digital platforms. We also automate API based onboarding of supplier product data, prices, availability, and inventory.

Data Migration

Our Data Migration capabilities are unmatched in the industry. The pace and quality of our data migration services represent one of our main competitive advantages. Our expertise includes migrating data from your current eCommerce platform to BigCommerce, migrating data from multiple BigCommerce stores into a Multi-Storefront (MSF), migrating a BigCommerce store from V2 to V3, and migrating your BigCommerce catalog data into Akeneo PIM.

Product Data Services

We provide taxonomy development and consulting, attribute schema development, data extraction, cleansing, standardization, enrichment, normalization, de-duplication, image optimization, and onboarding into enterprise systems to implement project specifications. Our data services are designed to dramatically increase product data quality and associated business processes that can deliver unique revenue, cost and profit improvements to the organization. We can help you create and deliver trusted, relevant, rich, highly attributed and timely product information to drive better business outcomes every single time.

BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App

Automate your BigCommerce V2 to V3 migration process with StrikeTru’s BigCommerce V2-V3 Product Migration App. It is designed to significantly reduce the cost, complexity, and expected downtime involved in a manual migration to update your store from V2 to V3. It provides a guided experience to perform the migration. Features include a fully automated process to convert V2 product data (Including product options, option sets, configurable fields, product rules, and option set rules) into V3 formats, helpful catalog reports, catalog preview and audit in V3 Sandbox, identify exception products (product format not allowed in BigCommerce V3), and more. These features are backed by StrikeTru’s managed services that can put your mind at ease while performing this critical store migration. The app is available on BigCommerce Marketplace.

BigCommerce MSF Migration Service

Automate the migration of multiple BigCommerce V2 and V3 stores into a single Multi-Storefront using our proprietary tools. Match, merge, and migrate products, digital assets, prices, inventory, customers, orders, themes, landing pages, blog posts, gift certificates, and other content and configurations. We reduce the cost, complexity, and delays involved in a manual MSF migration with our turnkey solution that combines the power of a BigCommerce store data migration tool and TruPIM (Product Information Management Tool) to extract, match/merge/dedupe, transform, and load data into a MSF store, while providing visibility & control of the overall process

TruPIM & DAM Tools

We offer TruPIM (Product Information Management) and DAM (Digital Asset Management) tools that can significantly enhance your BigCommerce store performance. Enrich, govern, and automate delivery of your product data & digital assets on an ongoing basis with TruPIM & DAM to keep it clean, consistent, relevant, and eCommerce ready.

PIM Connector for BigCommerce

A robust app that links your Akeneo PIM tool with your BigCommerce store to sync product data. This is an easy to install, user-friendly, single-click app that lets you manage your entire product catalog (categories, products, variants, product options, custom attributes, metafields, images and videos, SEO information) in PIM, and then sync that data to your BigCommerce store(s) effortlessly saving you time and money.

BigCommerce to PIM Catalog Migration Tool

The BigCommerce to Akeneo Catalog Migration Tool helps BigCommerce store owners transfer all their product catalog into Akeneo PIM to improve and scale eCommerce product data management efforts. The tool leverages Akeneo & BigCommerce APIs for migration, and is compatible with all Akeneo PIM editions. Product catalog components like categories, attributes, attribute options, custom fields, product & variant metafields, modifiers, pricing details, dimensions, shipping details, and product brands are transformed into Akeneo-ready formats and then transferred into Akeneo automatically.

PPC Marketing

Our certified PPC experts on Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, and Shopify ads can drive your PPC campaigns from creating ad copies to optimizing your campaigns and managing your shopping feeds on all the platforms. Reach your audience faster and drive traffic to your website.

Support, Training & Maintenance

Our expert eCommerce support team is here to offer you timely training and support to manage and grow your eCommerce store. Our commerce services and proprietary tools (TruPIM and Connectors) come with unlimited training and support. Our support team can help you with any issues related to commerce and data capabilities with a quick turnaround.

Verticals Serviced
• Automotive
• Beauty & Skincare
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Consumer Electronics
• Fashion & Accessories
• Health & Wellness
• Home & Interiors
• Jewelry
• Sports & Equipment



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