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Since 2001 LeapGo has partnered with some amazing clients. Our proven strategies have resulted in excellent growth for us and our clients. We don’t do cool or trendy – we make long-lasting profitable websites that attract customers and increase sales. Our digital marketing services have no long term contracts. That means we prove ourselves every month and hold ourselves accountable. The websites we create in Bigcommerce break the mold. Bulk order grids, custom discount applications, scheduling software integrations, we've done it all. Give us a few minutes on the phone and you'll see we're different than the average agency. Our experience and approach will result in amazing success for your company.


Bigcommerce Design & Development

BigCommerce is the leader in ecommerce software, offering a flexible interface, easy-to-use features, and heaps of applications. As a BigCommerce Premium Partner, LeapGo offers the best custom BigCommerce design services for your store so your website looks professional and unique. Why start out as a cookie-cutter business when you can stand out from the crowd right away?

10 Hour Flex Blocks

What are they? In a few words, they’re: Flexible. Cost-Effective. Convenient. They’re the perfect way to get a little bit of everything from LeapGo – be it website development, SEO, marketing, or anything else – without having to pick from a standardized package or commit to a monthly recurring retainer. What kind of tasks can we do using flex-block time? Here’s a ‘shortlist’ of ideas: Flex Blocks for Website Development & MarketingDevelop a digital marketing strategy Run a competitive analysis Conduct an SEO audit Make modifications to your website Design a landing page Write blog articles Re-write vital website content Create a white paper Produce an email campaign Setup and manage a social media contest Develop a kick-butt PPC campaign Create an amazing infographic Build a LinkedIn profile and almost anything else your business might need! Contact us today and learn how we've revolutionized the industry with our 10 Hour Flex Blocks!

Search Engine Optimization

A website’s digital marketing strategy hinges on strong SEO and it’s worth every penny you put into it. While searching for a service you might notice that there are thousands of SEO companies out there, many of which can get you results. What you may not realize is that there are only two ways to do SEO that actually work. The first, and most common is using proper keyword analysis, link building, competitive benchmarking and other white hat techniques. It’s standard procedure and it’s designed for search engines…..and it WILL get you results. But it’s missing something. There is a key flaw in this timeless, proven method of SEO. SEO is only worth doing when the content is worth consuming, aligns with your business goals & increases your conversions!

Blog Writing

We are blogging advocates, you might even call us fanatics. We put a huge amount of time and effort into creating resources around why and how blogging works.LeapGo’s Secret To Successful Business Blogging Want to know a little secret about why we love professional blog writing services? “Our blog is by far the largest contributor to our lead count and ultimately, our bottom line.” How’s that for compelling? It’s true, our blog makes up a large portion of the inquiries and leads that LeapGo gets every month. We can say that confidently because we don’t just “produce great content regularly” or “engage our visitors”…. NO WAY! We implement a strategic blogging schedule based on our business goals, then we track and report every bit of information to justify our efforts are contributing to the bottom line. Sounds a little better than “write compelling content”, doesn’t it? Want us to do it for you? Contact us today to find out how we can leverage your blog to drive revenue, educate prospects, build relationships, and dominate your competition.

PPC Management

Pay Per Click advertising can be one of the most targeted and flexible forms of Internet marketing. Within minutes you can setup an account with Google Adwords, Yahoo, or Bing and start receiving traffic. However, in order to be successful a PPC campaign must be monitored, reviewed and improved constantly. Otherwise you’re just throwing your money out the window. LeapGo Internet Marketing Agency offers a proven 3 step cycle approach to our PPC management services. Business Intelligence – We find out what makes your business, and your competitors tick. Where is the profit, what is the target market, what’s the message, and other factors that will help us develop a strategic list of potential keywords we’ll target. Market Analysis – Whos searching for what? What are the search trends? We’ll dig deep into the statistics and analytics to develop a strategy that targets your potential clients. PPC Performance Enhancements – This key step will make sure that we stay on top of trends, changes, and competition. We keep a close eye on your PPC accounts to make sure that we’re consistently helping you convert visitors into customers in the most efficient & profitable way. Contact us to find out why some of the top Bigcommerce customers trust LeapGo with their paid search marketing.

Conversion Rate Optimization

If your gas tank was leaking, would you fix it or just keep paying for all the extra gas? Conversion optimization is really as simple as that. Whether it’s your site, landing page or internal search that isn’t performing as well as it could be, it’s leaking money! Let us patch the leak and keep that money funneling straight into your business. Our conversion optimization services include: - Site optimization (We will assist with elements such as design, navigation & content layout to get your visitors to the right places on your website.) - Landing page optimization (Some of our clients have seen conversion increases over 200%. Let us tweak your landing page to properly present your message properly and ultimately convert more visitors.) - Call to action buttons (Have us create some eye catching compelling call to action buttons to guide more visitors to where you want them to be.) - Internal (site) search optimization (We work with most internal search platforms including omniture search & promote, SLI & many others. We’ll improve the internal search experience for your visitors by streamlining the search result pages.) Contact us today to schedule an appointment with a business strategist. Give us 10 minutes on the phone and you’ll see the difference!

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• Retail
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