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What we do: We are innovative and think big. We help online businesses offer a better product online by addressing their customers needs offering a better online experience from a conversion rate optimization perspective. The magic happens through internet technology, hard work, and awesome service. Who we are: We live in Southern Oregon and love it! Our team is passionate about helping businesses around the world stay on the cutting edge of internet technology. Our small dedicated team is passionate about internet technology, eCommerce, web design, mobile websites, and solving the problem: how can we help businesses online serve their customers better.


Our Overview

Epic is a full service eCommerce Agency with experts spanning across the digital business eco-system. We build brands and drive sales with a holistic cross-channel approach to optimize our client’s eCommerce profitability. Epic has offered comprehensive solutions to growing businesses online since 2009, each delivered solution was designed to maximize traffic and engagement while improving conversions. Whether you are building an eCommerce store from scratch, re- platforming to Bigcommerce, or just want to enhance your existing site, we can help. Our eCommerce services include: Strategy, Implementation, Support, and Marketing. Collaborating with Epic means our team of eCommerce strategists, developers, and marketing experts become an extension of your in-house team.

Website Design / Development / Migration / Integration / UX & UI

Epic provides expert support for new e-commerce shops, as well as multi-million dollar online stores. We provide value through expert consulting so you can make the best strategic decisions in areas such as demand generation strategies, in-store growth opportunities, and more. Our certified in-house developers and designers are here to support the growth of your business, whether you need turnkey daily store management, or assistance with a customized project. In addition, if you are looking to transition to BigCommerce, we provide full support with our complete migration services.

eCommerce Marketing Strategy / Digital Media Strategy / Plugins & Apps / Consulting

Knowledge is power, and so is a great marketing strategy! With so many options in store setup and app integration, navigating the eCommerce landscape can be complex. We help our BigCommerce Store Clients find the best (and most cost-effective) solutions to accomplish highly advanced integrations and setup, allowing for faster scaling and much lower cost of ownership. We focus on providing our BigCommerce clients with actionable insights, so that everyone can make the most educated decisions on where to invest marketing resources. For larger clients, we are also available to travel on-premise, create training materials, and consult on product warehousing and fulfillment.

Social Media Marketing / E-Mail Re-Marketing

As a Certified BigCommerce Solution Provider, we help you reach your audience in a more efficient and relevant manner. Our goal is to position you as an expert in your field in order to attract more customers and expand into new verticals. We write and publish every social touch point using the latest in content design and deployment methods. We also design and develop flash sales, holiday promotions, sweepstakes, and loyalty programs to help you grow.

Verticals Serviced
• Business to Business (B2B)
• Home & Interiors



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